10 Black Flowers and Plants to Add Drama to Your Garden


Black color never dies! In fact, more themes are created by incorporating black tone in it. There is no exception to the garden planning. While the ideal picture if a garden is colorful, some people want to add some shades and bring in the gothic concept to their front yard. What flowers would fit the theme?

Black Petunia

The top most wanted flowers to give a perfect contrast. When this variant is presented, many people are amazed and immediately fall in love.

Tulip Queen of Night

Beginner gardeners would be happy to plant the tulip. It requires low maintenance and skips all the detailed requirement from the other variants. The color of the petals is the combination of maroon and deep purple.

Aeonium Zwartkop

Looking for flowers that go well among bright colored blossoms? It is no other than the aeonium zwartkop. The petals have red and purple combination with green center. The Aeonium has no problem to grow on poor and dry soil.

Coleus Black Prince

In order to add black accent, the gardeners are not always using flowers. They could add black leaves such as coleus black prince. It could survive on land or on pot. The flowers could get along well with the other variants, too.

Sorbet Black Delight Viola

Raise hand if the house owners are busy persons who also do the gardeners’ job! Plant the black delight viola, and do almost nothing to keep it pretty and alive. The flowers are not only chic but fragrant as well.

Tropicanna Black Canna

Who say gothic means all black? Those who still want some frilly tropical touch, black canna is the perfect option. The tall plant has deep purple leaves and bright red flowers in the middle. Just make sure it gets enough sun!

Hollyhock Nigra

For the land that has cold and warm climates, the hollyhock nigra is the jewel. This variety could withstand both conditions. The bloom is also pretty with its chocolate maroon tone. Paired with the green stem, this flower is stunning.

Calla Lily Black Star

Want some drama in the garden? Then plant calla lily black star. It is undoubtedly one of the classic gothic flower displays in the garden. The flowers are deep purple, while the tall and long leaves are light green.

Black Mondo Grass

The gardeners who are not keen of flowers could take the black grass instead. It will appear in different color in different season. Black Mondo will be pitch black in spring, then change into dark purple in summer and grow tiny white flowers in midsummer.

Midnight Ruffles Hellebore

It is the combination of petal and velvety look. This is the best way to describe the beauty of Hellebore. In a glimpse, this is the black version of a rose. The blooming time for this flower is late winter.

Being greeted by the black flowers are not bad. For the fans, the combination is just perfect. There are so many plants to choose. Each of them has different charm. Would the gardener pick the elegant black tulip? Or something wild like calla lily black star? Pick your gothic flower!