10 Easy to Grow Vegetables for Beginner Gardeners


If you are new to gardening, yet you want to grow your own veggies, the following ones are great alternatives to try. They are easy to grow and scrumptious!


This simple vegetable to grow can be perfect to use in salads. You can also boil them as the vegetable as they taste very delicious when they are warm. This vegetable will be able to sown from the ground directly from March up to July. You will be able to harvest them during May up to September.


These plants are considered to be very quick to grow. If you have kids, tomatoes are suitable for them to grow and cultivate. You can choose any types of tomatoes to grow. You don’t need special training to plant these vegetables. You only need to water and fertilize them regularly.

Garlic and Onions

These two crops are considered to be less maintained vegetables. You just have to plant the onion bulbs and the garlic cloves on the well drained soils during the autumn or spring. You can leave them for the whole season until you get the foliage grows, turns yellow and dies. Then, you can take them from the ground and dry in the direct sun. You are now ready to store them back.

Runner Beans

Runner beans are famous in the matter of their simple ways to grow. They are considered to be plant climbers so you need to prepare the trellis for them to grow. You can also prepare some wires with lots of space for them. Make sure to water and fertilize them regularly.

Broad Beans

These vegetables are almost similar with runner beans. They can be very quick to grow. If you sow those using small pots of compost, you will see that within some weeks, your plants can grow sturdy and are ready to be planted in the garden. You can just sow them directly on the ground if you don’t want to work very hard for these plants.

Spring Onions

You can add these spring onions in your salad to create the tangy crunch. You can plant mint besides your spring onions to get rid of any onion flies. You can grow them directly on the ground or in the containers.


These vegetables love cool weather. You can sow these plants directly in the ground. For the support of the pea steams, you can prepare some trellis for them. If you want to make it simple, you can just use some nets or wires for them. If you haven’t tasted fresh peas, you’ll be surprised to find how delicious they are.


You can start planting potatoes in February or March. When the buds appear from the ground, you just need to cover the buds with more compost. You can repeat this process until the container is full. All you have to do next is to water them regularly.


You can add radishes to your salad. You can grow the directly in the ground or in the containers. You can sow these vegetables in the summer. Since they love the heat, make sure to plant them after all frost thread disappear completely.

Salad Leaves

You can grow the salad leaves in the summer. These vegetables are also very easy to grow. Once you have grown them, you can harvest after three weeks.