11 Easy DIY Garden Trellis Ideas & Vertical Growing Structures


You can add the garden trellis to add more function and charm of your garden. You can use the trellis as the supports if you want to grow fruiting vines or charming flowering. It also offers additional growing location in your garden. Trellis also provides some appealing outdoor spaces like gates, tunnels, private screens, and also attractive fences and walls.

  1. Trellis for Tomato

You can also use the trellis to grow some tomatoes. If you want to know more, you can find out how to make the trellis for tomato. One trellis will be able to grow more than 100 tomatoes.

  1. Bean Teepees

These two images showcase the simple teepees that you can easily build and create in your garden. it also offers a pleasant retreat for everyone. You just need to prepare some small and long tree branches or bamboo sticks as well as several twine. You can also use these teepees to plant cucumber.

  1. Trellis from Bamboo Pole

Choose several bamboo poles for this project since these poles are light weight and strong. Bamboo poles are also easy to use. You can use the bamboo pole as the trellis to grow cucumbers, beans, tomatoes and so on.

  1. Arched Trellis

You can create tunnel in your garden. You will find that this arched trellis will add more charms to your garden. It is also attracted people to come and explore your garden. You can grow gourds or beans to decorate the trellis.

  1. Trellis for Cucumber

You can build this simple trellis that is able to be folded to grow some cucumbers.

  1. Trellis Panel from Wood Frame

You can attach two frames of wood with using the hinges. The advantage is that you can fold the trellis panel if it is not being used.

  1. Another Arched Trellis

Here are more ideas if you want to create some arched trellis. You can use it to grow some fruits or some beautiful flowers.

  1. Trellis Planters

You can create standing trellis planters from metal or wood. It is an efficient way to decorate some empty walls.

  1. Old Trellis Planters

You can also create some classic planters from trellis. You can use some bendable branches from native trees like Willow.

  1. Trellis from Obelisk

You can use obelisk to make the garden trellis. It is a pyramid like monument. You can use obelisk to create some classic look in the garden. This trellis is also considered as an elegant decoration in the garden.

  1. Trellis from Ladder

You can also use the ladder as your planter trellis. If you have small garden area, it is very suitable for you. You can use it to grow vegetables or herbs by using the planters. You can attach the planters into the trellis frames which are leaning on the vertical surface.

So, are you interested in decorating your garden with trellis? These are some ideas that you can choose and work on for your garden. How if starting to make one this weekend?