11 Houseplants that Don’t Need A lot of Sunlight to Grow


It is true that plants usually need sunlight in order to grow. Most plants will not be able to develop or grow properly without enough sunlight. There are 11 plants that you can choose as they require no sunlight to grow.


You can choose this plant to grow in your house. This plant is considered to be an amazing houseplant to grow as it only requires indirect sunlight. It is also very easy to take care of. You just need to do regular pruning and watering. Don’t place this plant directed to the sun.

Maidenhair Fern

This plant is considered as the most popular fern that you can grow indoors. Its glossy and dark leafstalk may sometimes resemble hair of human. Make sure to avoid overwatering and protect this plant from any direct sun.


You can grow this plant in the container and place it in the shade. Bromeliad is considered as a tropical plant but it can be grown indoors. You can only use the luminescent light for keeping it alive.

Parlor Palm

You can choose this plant as the indoor plant for any kinds of situation. You can place this plant in the container and put it right in the corner with dim light. this plant can grow only with sufficient light and non need lots of care.

Mother-in-law (Snake Plant)

It is also considered as the most popular indoor plant. It doesn’t need lots of light. Its ability to ahdnle the dark spot is really amazing.


This small plant is very beautiful and is able to grow with maximum of 6 inches. It also doesn’t require direct sun.

Sword Fern

You can choose this plant as your indoor plant. It is also very beautiful. You can only use moderate light to keep this plant alive and grow.

Maranta Leuconeura (Prayer Plant)

This plant is considered as a tropical plant. However, compared to calantea, this plant is very easy to grow. It can grow very well under the moderate light. It also doesn’t require any direct sun. make sure to keep it away from being exposed to much light as its leaves can be wither and curl.

Calanthea (Peacook Plant)

As mentioned previously, Calanthea needs better treatment than Maranta since it needs to be placed under the 55 F or 13 C temperature since it is a tropical plant and needs a cooler weather. Use the moist soil and also water the plant frequently.


This plant is very easy to adapt with the minimal light situation. This plant generally comes from shrub and vine varieties.

Creeping Fig

This plant is known for its slow growing. It has small and stringy shady green foliage. Its branches are clinging and vigorously growing to possible surface and they look amazing.