12 Creative DIY Alternatives Planters


Instead of using traditional ones, using creative alternatives can be fun. In addition to it, you may add great accent on your garden as well if you choose the alternatives wisely. If you need options, these planters are great choices to consider.

Can Planters

Instead of using the usual pots, can is a great alternative. Dip it in colorful paints to make it even more attractive. It is useful while it looks awesome.

Watering Can Planters

Do you have any used watering can? It may not be practical for watering anymore, but it will make a cute and whimsical planters. Add colors and it works!

The Toy Truck!

These toy trucks are too cute. You don’t even need to refinish it because you will love the rustic look. Put it anywhere to add magical touch on your garden.

The Old Chair

This chair is transformed into a shabby chic planter. It looks just right on the garden with the color, while it looks creative as well at the same time.

Concrete Planters

All you need is to add a face on each concrete planter. You can paint any cute expression for this and add cuteness in the garden effortlessly.

Hang the Colander

If you have an old colander, refinish it with different color. Then, hang it on the garden to change it into a planter. Cute and rustic!

Rainboot Planters

So your kids are all grown up now? Take those cute rainboots and hang it on the fence. It will make an entertaining garden planters!

The Bird Cage

This planter is totally romantic and decorative. You don’t have to remove it for special event. In fact, even wedding decorator will love this idea. Try now.

Pretty Tire

Coloring the tire is maybe traditional and kind of expected now. Why don’t cover the tire with woven rope and attach it to a stool? It is useful while it looks expensive.

Use the Log

If there is a log in your garden, you can create natural looking planter out of it. You don’t need to refinish it if you want the original look.

Old Drawer Planter

This planter looks amazing and creative. It is very unusual so it should add a surprise feeling on your garden. Finish it in any color you like to match your décor.


This chandelier is finished in the cutest color choice, and it is then reused as a planter. It looks amazing and dramatic. It should look great in your porch too.