12 Ways to Build an Indoor Herb Garden


Indoor garden is a superb idea for a limited space while it looks great indoor indeed. Use several of these containers to help you out!

Mason Jars

One way that you can try to make your own indoor garden is by using Mason jars. When using Mason jars, you need to make sure that you don’t overflow the water on the bottom of the jars since the jars don’t have enough drainage. You can fill the jar’s bottom with some small gravels or rocks to help the water sit there rather than on the soils.


You can also use some small pots to plant your herbs indoor. Then, you can stick the pots on the empty space in your kitchen cabinet. Make sure that your herb pots get enough sunlight. if you attach them on the kitchen cabinet side, they will not eat up much space.

Crooked Pots

You can also use the crooked pots to plant your herbs indoor. You just need to insert the metal rod to each pot to add the image of the pots falling over although they are firmly attached to each other.

Little Box

You can use the little box to organize your herb pots. It will help create such terrarium image. It also creates mini garden in your house.

Drinking Glass

You can also use some clean drinking glasses to grow your herbs. You can hang them later on near the windows or under the window trails. They will be able to make your house more stylists.

Repurposed Items

You can also use your old items to plant the herbs. You might want to consider using old biscuit cans or anything to create such vintage image on your house.


You can also use some teacups to plant your herbs indoor. You can choose the same teacups to get the matching image but you can also use different teacups if you want to make your kitchen different and more fun.

Tin Buckets

If you happen to have some old tin buckets, you can use them to plant your herbs. If you have lots of tin buckets, you can plant some herbs by using them. Put the tin buckets near the direct sun in your house.


You can also use some old teapots to grow your herbs. You can also find some vintage teapots from the thrift stores or flee markets.

Mercury Glass Bottles

You can also use the mercury glass bottles to grow your herbs. Later on, you can hang them anywhere in your house as long as the sunlight can reach them directly.

Plastic Bottle Tops

You can use the plastic bottle tops to grow your herbs. You can attach them vertically on the wood slab and stick the slab on the empty space in your house. If you happen to have old bottles, you can cut the bottles into half and use the tops to make your indoor garden.

Herb Jar

You can create hanging herb garden by using some small jars. Place the hanging garden near the sun so that the herbs can be struck by sunlight directly. This hanging herb garden will probably give more aesthetic value to your house.