13 Cute Teacup Mini Gardens Ideas


Do you happen to have some small area that you need to decorate? You can choose some terrariums as the option for the decoration. These terrariums are the perfect choice to bring some plants alive into your small space. There are 13 cute ideas on how to create unique terrariums by using the teacups. Here are the options.

DIY Teacup Garden

You can make this teacup garden by using simple materials and supplies that you can find from your surroundings. You can also learn how to make it from the tutorials.

Teacup Planter Party Favor

This idea is very unique and yet inexpensive. You can create this terrarium to impress the guests. They will definitely appreciate your way on how to greet and welcome them into your party.

Fabric Cup Luscious Planter

How about the idea of decorating your teacup planters using some fabric? You can decorate them according to your own preference. You can start looking for some tutorials if you are interested in this idea.

Simple Teacup Garden

You can make use of your abandoned teacup to make this great terrarium. You can learn how to make it from the tutorials online.

Teacup Garden to Celebrate Mother’s Day

You can also use this idea if you want to celebrate the special moment such as Mother’s Day. You can give special surprise to your beloved mother by creating this DIY teacup garden.

Teacup Cactus Planter

You can also use some old teacups as the planters for your mini cactus. This idea is definitely new and will make all people interested. You can find the tutorial on how to do it online.

Terrific Teacup Garden

This unique idea is totally what you need to have this weekend. You can use unusual containers to grow your favorite plants indoors.

Moss Rose Teacup Planter

You can create some unique planters or containers from the teacups to grow some moss rose. This plant is very easy to grow. It can also grow well inside the small space. Therefore, teacup is also very good for this plant.

Herb Teacup Garden

You can grow your herbs in the teacups. Once you have several herbs in the teacups, you can also create your own teacup garden.

Fairy Garden from Teacups

This is a great idea that you can’t miss! You just need to prepare some miniature accessories, artificial moss and also some floral foam to make this amazing fairy garden.

Multicolored Teacup Garden

If you want to make some amazing multicolored mini garden, you can use the teacups. You can find the tutorials online later on.

Old Saucers and Teacups Garden

You can repurpose your old teacups and saucers into some classic mini garden. You just need to prepare some plants, small rocks and scrap wood for this project.

Simple Teacup Fairy Garden

You can create this amazing fairy garden from the teacup. You just need to decorate it using fractional picket fence, ladder, or bench.