15 Cheap & Easy DIY Raised Garden Beds


It is true that raised garden beds can make the gardening activity more efficient and easier. Therefore, many people like to get these kinds of gardens. These raised garden beds are also very useful to become the barrier for any garden insects and pests. Here are ideas on how to build raised garden beds that are simple and inexpensive.

Raised Garden Bed from Pallet Crate

You can use the repurposed or old pallet crate to make your own inexpensive raised garden beds. These are very easy to do.

Sleek Wooden Raised Bed

If you have limited space for gardening in your house, you can try making this type of raised bed since it is very ideal for your limited space.

Raised Garden Bed from Garage Doors

You can also make your own raised bed by using old garage door panels or fence posts.

Woven Willow Raised Bed

You can use tree branches to make this kind of raised bed. You just need to wove around the stakes to make simple border for your raised bed.

Raised Bed from Water Troughs

If you have large water trough at home, you can use it to make an appealing large containers for your plants. If you don’t have any, you can always purchase the item from your local supply stores.

Raised Bed from Natural Wood

You can make your raised bed look more natural by using straight timber parts, thicker logs, small branches, or tree. The result can be very amazing.

Raised Bed from Used Tires

If you have several old tires and don’t know what to do with them, you can use them for your raised beds. It is very simple and, of course, inexpensive!

Old Baby Crib for Raised Bed

You can use your old baby crib to make your raised bed.

Cobbled Paver Stones for Large Raised Bed

These stones can be used to make raised bed. They can be very practical and look very good in your garden. They will also add more appealing look to your garden.

Concrete Blocks for Raised Bed

You can implement this idea to make your raised beds. This raised bed can use minimal space. You can also make it from used materials. You can also combine the compost system into your garden bed at once.

U-Shaped Raised Bed

This idea can be very effective if you have limited space in your garden and want to make use of it in proper way.

Old Terracotta Pipes for Raised Bed

You can purchase these old terracotta pipes from your local store for $1 per piece. Later on, you can create your raised bed just like what you see from the picture.

Thirty Dollar and Thirty Minutes Raised Bed

You can spend $30 to make your own DIY raised bed. This bed also requires only 30 minutes building. You just need to combine several planks into square and your bed is ready.

Covered Raised Garden Bed

You can build this kind of raised bed if you want your pet animals stay away from your garden. You can keep your food protected while you try to grow them properly.

Raised Bed from Box

If you have limited space in your backyard and want to start gardening, you can make this small box as your raised garden bed. The size of the bed can be adjusted based on the space that you have.