15 Decorative DIY Accents for Stand Out Garden


Wanting your garden stands out more is never a sin. If you are already doing well with the plants, you should consider accents. Try these DIY accents for a twist.

Framed Garden Pot

Instead of leaving the hanging pot like it is, add a rustic frame. It changes into a 3D painting with the most entertaining twist.

Bird Feeders from Tea Cup

You only need several poles for a spot in different height. Then, attach the tea cups on the saucer and attach the saucers on the poles.

Garden Spinner Made of Stained Glass

Use the wheel from and old bike you have, and add stained glass on it for an eye catching accent in the garden.

Old Keys Wind Chime

It uses only cheap supplies and it looks interestingly rustic. In addition to it, it adds magical sound in your garden.

Succulent Planter Made of Birdcage

This idea is often adopted for wedding decoration for its beauty. This accent is simple yet very dramatic and romantic.

Beaded Garden Stake

It looks surprising in the middle of the bushes. It is made of wire and colorful beads. It stands well all seasons and it looks lovely.

Ladybugs Ball

Use the old golf balls to make these. Your kids will love to help in painting it. It looks cute and it actually lights up a garden.

Teapot Feature

This accent uses your old china teapot and cup. Add poles and crystal beads, and you have a whimsical feature for your garden.

Garden Markers from Painted Rocks

This is going to be fun to make while it is useful when your guests are strolling around your garden.

Butterfly Ornaments

You only need tin foil, paint, and flue to make these cute butterflies. It jazzes up the garden while it is easy to make too.

Garden Mushrooms

You can make this from many kinds of supplies, from tin and bucket to wooden block. The key is on the colors and how you set it up.

Gazzing  Balls

It is perfect near the pots and plants. You only need pebbles that you can buy at the dollar store, and smooth foam balls.

Clay Pots

Look at these pots of critters! They are cute, colorful, and decorative at the same time. You need them all!

Cute Conrete Planters

While they are looking cute, they are actually useful and cheap to make. It looks great almost anywhere in the garden too.

Flowers Made of Bottle Caps

These flowers make great accent to your actual flowers. Use the old bottle caps and add some colors on it to make it.