15 Veggies That are Perfect for Container Gardening


Container gardening has been an alternative for gardeners with small spaces for everything they want to plant. Actually, there are several plants that will grow just well even in container. You actually can have many plants as larger gardens do, but with container, you save some space. Check out the following list to know more.

  1. Tomatoes

It is recommended to grow dwarf varieties. The most popular recommendation is Bush Big Boy that fits five inches deep container.

  1. Squash

You will need five to seven inches deep container for the squash. Your options include Table King, Papaya Pear, and Cornell Bush Delicata.

  1. Radishes

A small container will do for several seeds. Just make sure it gets moist soil all the time and put the seed on the very top.

  1. Potatoes

You will need 12 inches container that should fit for three to four potato seeds. Water the plants regularly and cover the entire stem.

  1. Peppers

You will need bigger container for this plant, yet you are free to choose what variety to grow.

  1. Peas

It’s going to need a 12 inches deep container. Several recommended varieties include English, Maestro, and Green Arrow.

  1. Onions

You are going to need four to five inches deep container to let it grows into bulbs.

  1. Lettuce

It doesn’t matter how big your container is but it matters if the soil is moist all the time or not.

  1. Eggplant

It needs at least five inches deep container and a stake to support it later.

  1. Cucumber

Bush Pickle or Salad Bush are always recommended. Please expect the plants to come out from the pot edge.

  1. Broccoli

A wide container but not really deep is fine to grow this. Just don’t combine with other varieties.

  1. Cabbage

Don’t plant too many seeds in a container. Make sure it has rooms to grow and develop.

  1. Carrots

Choose deeper pots, and consider planting Little Fingers, Short n Sweet, or Thumbelina.

  1. Beans

A 12 inches depth container is required and trellis will be recommended to be attached.

  1. Beets

It requires 12 inches deep container that fits up to six different plants. The Red Ace is highly recommended.

There are many options to start your container vegetable garden. You can start with the easy first and add your varieties. Pay attention to soil condition and container size for successful growing. Which one do you want to start first?