16 Cheap & Easy DIY Compost Bins


Have you made one compost bin in your garden this year? Do you just start to make compost for your garden? This compost bins idea can be very useful for you to add more nutrients to your plants. Here are several ideas that you can do this weekend.

Two Bin Compost Bins

If you have several leftover wood or some old pallets, you can make two bin compost bins from these materials. The project is very easy and simple to do. You can have two compost bins so that you can organize your compost effectively.

Three Tiered Worm Bins


You can easily make this worm compost bin. As we all know, worms are very helpful to make rich soil. This project uses three tiers which can hold lots of soils and worms.

Bucket Compost Bins


You can make your compost bins from old five gallon bucket that you have at home. If you find it difficult to make the large one, you can just make it. This bin can be perfect since you can throw away your leftover veggies or foods into this bucket to create your own compost.

Old Cardboard Box

You can make use of an old cardboard box as your compost bin. You can use the cardboard from the local grocery which is used to carry vegetables and fruits.

Cedar Lattice Compost Bin

You can create your compost bin from old lattice. You can make boxes from these old lattices to hold your compost. You can build these boxes easily and quickly.

Cedar Compost Bin

You can make tour compost bin from old cedar posts. You can use your old posts or you can purchase some cheaper ones. The front part of the bin is made of a removable board to make it easier for you to reach and stir your compost.

Drum Compost Bin

Composting is about to stir and turn the compost from time to time. This drum compost bin can be a perfect choice for your project. Its rotation will help your compost to breath so that you can deal with its odor easily.

Concrete Block

You can use the concrete block as your compost bin. You just need to arrange the blocks and then place the wooden board on the top of the blocks.

Tumbler Bin

You can make this bin if you want to spend less time in rotating and stirring your compost. You can use the plastic barrel for this project. The length of the board will be based on the size of your plastic barrel. Just make sure that the board will be sufficient for the barrel to rotate.

Hardware Cloth

You can make an inexpensive compost bin from hardware cloth. You can buy the hardware cloth in rolls. You will also need some cable ties and wire fence to hold all parts together. You may also need wood or plank for the lid.

Old Plastic Tote


You can use old plastic tote for your compost bin. If you don’t have one, you can purchase the cheaper one during the sales.

Old Tires and Drum

You can also make your own compost bin from old tires and drum. You can find the drum easily. The tires will keep the drum rotating and mixing up its content.

Old Milk Crates

You can make the simple compost bin from some repurposed milk crates. You just need to cover the bottom of the crates so that your compost will not fall out. You may also need the lid to make them all covered. You can easily rotate these crates.

Woven Compost Bin

You can use some old branches or willow rods to make the compost bin. You just need to weave the rods. You can weave them into some basket shape and just add the lid as its cover.

Upcycled Wheelbarrow

You can use your old wheelbarrow to make your own compost bin. You can attach the wheelbarrow into some turning gadget. You can rotate it easily to make compost.

Old Wine Barrel

You can also make your compost bin from some old wine barrels. These wine barrels are also easy to rotate. You can create some and stick them together.