20 Out of 62 Garden Art DIY Projects


If you want to create beautiful backyard, you can have these 30 garden art ideas to start your project this weekend.

Old Stock Tank for Outdoor Pool

You can use old stock tank to decorate your garden as well as to cool off during the hot weather. You can change this tank into in-ground pool.

Tree House

You can build a tree house to decorate your garden.

Outdoor Dining Table

You can create tented space by using bamboo poles and planters.

Mason Jar Luminaries

You can decorate your steps by adding some lights from the mason jars as the elegant lanterns.

A Pocket Garden

You can hang this pocket garden from old shoe holder.

Old Tire into Planter

You can use some old tires and decorate it for the planters.

Outdoor Window Shelf

If you want to have some grills, you can use this window shelf to keep your grilling tools.

Large Flower Pot

You can use your large flower pot and turn it into the saucer to place the umbrella inside its hole.

Cooler Stand

You can create this cooler stand for your guests when they visit. You can place it on your backyard.

Decorate your Flower Pots

You can add some beauties in your backyard by decorating your flower pots. You can use the wrapping rope around the pots. Then, you can paint them according to your preference.

Pallet Potting Bench

You can make your own potting bench from some pallets. You can use this pallet bench to display your birdhouses and flower pots.


You can turn your own lantern into a beautiful terrarium and place it on your backyard. This decoration is also perfect to create such a rustic look in your garden.

Mason Jar Lids

You can use your mason jar lids to label your plants or seedlings. They can be more beauties in your small garden.

Planters’ Stack

You can decorate your planters into some interesting shapes. You can stack them up and turn them into tiered garden for your herbs.

Patterns on Patio Pavers

To make your garden more beautiful, you can decorate the patio pavers with some patterns.

Bird Feeder

You can turn some old dinnerware like plates or bowls into the bird feeder.


If you have some old colanders that you haven’t used, you can turn them into some unique planters. You can display your favorite flowers on these classic planters.


You can turn your old crates into some flower pots. You can plant several flowers inside the crates and put them at the garden.


You can use some old buckets to make such beautiful herbs planters. You can hang them on your backyard.

Old Chair

You can turn your boring old chair into something more interesting using some macramé cords and paracord with bright colors.