4 Ways to Build an Indoor Herb Garden


Herb is indeed a useful plant as it can bring many health benefits if we consume them. Some of you may have been dreaming of growing them but are then stuck with the fact that you don’t have enough space for the gardening. Well, you no longer need to worry! Here are 4 ways to build an indoor herb garden.

Use Mason Jar

Do you know that Mason jar can serve you many functions? One of the functions is to build an indoor herb garden. Look at the picture below! Isn’t it a beautiful garden? Mason jars indeed crate a cute indoor herb garden! When you have such indoor herb garden, simply make sure you don’t over water your herbs because there is not drainage. To help you avoid over watering, you can put some stones at the jar’s bottom so that the water can sit there rather than being absorbed by the soil.

Use the Side Space of Your Kitchen

Who says you cannot do indoor gardening in your kitchen? You can make most of the space of the side of your kitchen cabinet to grow some herbs! Simply refer the picture below! The kitchen cabinet can be utilized to attach some pots to grow some herbs of your choice. The side space of your cabinet usually gets enough sun and it surely won’t take too much space in your kitchen.

Use Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses are now more than just glasses to drink. They can also be used for herb garden. The drinking glasses even look so uniform when they are put together. To organize the glasses, you simply need to hang them by your window using some hooks. It is super easy to make, don’t you think?

Repurposing Items You Already Have

The last idea of building indoor herb garden is by repurposing items that you already have. One of the examples is reusing old and vintage container like shown in the picture below. Get some unused items that are uniform, arrange them by your window and plant your herb. The picture below shows us that even tea boxes can create a beautiful indoor garden with a touch of vintage. Such containers make great planters for your indoor herb garden.

Gardening herb indoor should never be a problem as you have plenty of idea to do that. You don’t need to buy anything except the seeds of the plants as you can always repurposed items to make planters. So, which idea interests you the most?