5 Best Vines for Containers


The climbing plant in a pot can add a nice natural touch to any kind of place. Such plant is also a great way to add more privacy to the place as well. That plant could create a greenery nest where the owner can rejuvenate and relax and also harbor in the fragrance that is mild and soothing. Find the following 5 best vines for containers below to have your own:


One of the best climbers for plant containers is Ivy. Ivy has the ability to suit any types of position so that it can create a great choice for beginner gardeners. Moreover, Ivy can grow as high as 80 feet and it has evergreen foliage.

What is even more beautiful from Ivy is that it can remain green even in the season of winters. You need to plant Ivy in a container that is shallow and wide rather than deep and narrow.

Virginia Creeper

If you question why you should choose Virginia creeper, you may have not understood that the foliage of Virginia creeper can turn to be beautifully red when it comes to autumn. Besides, what is special from Virginia creeper is that it can be grown in pots and even on your balcony.

Virginia creeper is surely able to improve privacy. In order to grow Virginia creeper, you need to get a very big container and also provide a trellis support that is sturdy.

Morning Glory

Look at the following picture! Aren’t the flowers pretty? Can you imagine such flowers decorate your lovely house? It could infuse a nice additional vibe to the place it is in. Morning glory is another great option.

It is also one of the best vines or creepers for containers. Morning glory may be called old-fashioned flowers. This kind of flower, however, is easy to grow.


You don’t like old-fashion flowers for containers? Well, you still have another option which is clematis. This flower is a perfect plant to add interest and also vertical height to your container garden.

If you plan to occupy this kind of flowers in your garden, make sure you plant the flowers in a large containers. Also, you need to ensure that they are regularly fertilized and thoroughly and deeply watered. All of those things are to make sure you give the best maintenance to your clematis.

Climbing Hydrangea

Lastly, you could try use climbing hydrangea for containers. This is another great option especially when you need to live under USDA Zones of 5 until 8 and also in an area that has lots of rooms. The presence of plenty of rooms is important because Climbing Hydrangea can grow up to 70 feet.

Climbing hydrangea is shade tolerant. It also thrives the best in positions that are semi shaded. Besides, Climbing Hydrangea also needs a big pot that is about the half size of whiskey barrels.

Choose the vines that suit your preference and interest. Don’t forget to always maintain the vines so that they can serve the best purpose.