5 Organic Soil Amendments – Boost Your Vegetables with Available Materials at Home


As the gardeners, you need to know that it is important to add some additives in the soil. In recent years, organic gardening has become a trend among the gardeners in the whole world. They tend to implement this type of gardening to grow their vegetables. If you want to add some additives in your organic garden, there are some organic soil amendments that you can choose.

Alfalfa Meal

From the name, you can guess that this meal is being made from Alfalfa plant. This type of plant grows in every continent on earth since it is mainly used for the domestic animals’ food supply.

The main benefit of this plant is that it contains lots of nitrogen. The NPK value of alfalfa meal is about 5:1:2, thus, it is chosen for any plants that needs higher level of nitrogen but it is not being considered as strong fertilizer.

Blood Meal

As its name suggests, this meal is made of drained blood from the meat industry’s by-product. It is very useful for any crops.. When the blood is being dried and then ground, the components remaining in this substance are nitrogen and proteins.

These contents are surely very important and useful for the gardeners. Blood meal is high in nitrogen and it can be used for plants which suffer from nitrogen loss as well plants which require high nitrogen. Blood meal is also a good repellent for rabbits.

Chicken Manure

If you have chicken in your backyard, there is always a possibility to take the manure from them and use it for your organic fertilizer. You can also manage the residue from chicken well as it can be used for great purpose. The chicken manure is very rich in nitrogen. You can also use this manure to keep the soil moist.


Organic compost is a must in every organic garden. This organic compost is basically made from residue or biowaste that is thrown away. You can gather all these waste residue within one container or compost bin and start working on them to be your organic fertilizer.

Kelp Meal

You can use this kelp meal as your organic fertilizer. Since it comes from the sea, it still contains any elements which can only be found from the sea water. In general, kelp meal comes from the seaweeds that are being collected, dried and ground into small particles.

For the gardeners especially the vegan ones, you can choose this meal as the fertilizer. It is also rich in potassium to make the plants more resistant to any diseases and pests.