5 Simple Gardeing Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About


Gardening is a very interesting hobby since you can be creative with the herbs, flowers, or vegetables you want. You can make your own garden filled with different kinds of plants throughout the season. But, gardening can also be very tiring since you need to monitor every single plant to prevent them from dying. Here are 5 simple hacks that will help you with gardening.

Make Your Own Trellis

By using the trellis, you can save lots of space and you will have better plants as well. You can use some used woods and chicken wire to customize your own trellis. If you want to make it for a small pot, you can tie two or three blocks of woods together and wrap the wire around it.

If you want to make the trellis for a bigger site, you can place one wood in each side of the site and add one wood on top of them. Then, wrap around the wires on the woods.

Use Pots to Grow Seasonal Plants

It might be disappointing when you have a favorite plant, but it only grows in a certain season and it will dry out on the next season. The solution to this problem is to plant the seasonal plant in a pot and bury a bigger pot on the ground. Simply just place the potted seasonal plant in the pot on the ground. When it is not on its season, you just need to take out the potted plant and change it into a different plant.

Simple Hanging Garden

Do you have old caddies you rarely use? Then, it is a perfect tool for you to have a hanging garden. You don’t need to remodify it or buying other tools. What you need small potted plants that are fit in the caddies. Simply put the potted plants on the caddies and you have your own hanging garden.

Grow Your Own Plants

Planting the plant from the seeds can take a long time before you can harvest them. But you can shorten the time by plating the leftover scraps. There are numerous plants that you can regrow, such as celery, lemon grass, avocado, potatoes, ginger, and many more. You just need to learn the right way to replant them and you will have an endless stock of vegetables at home.

Don’t Throw the Eggshell

You can also plant your favorite plant in an eggshell. It will give a cute touch to the plant and it is the best solution for those who have a small garden. To do so, you just need to scoop the soil to the eggshell and place the seeds on it. Water your plant daily using a spray bottle and place the, in the warm area to make the seeds grow.

The gardening hacks above will simplify your life and they will help you a lot in doing your hobby. Also, you will be able to save your budget since you don’t need to make the purchase.