6 Awesome Tips for Growing Carrots


If you want to plant the healthy vegetables in your garden, you can always go for carrots. They are very delicious and also very good for you. You can eat them directly or you can add them to any dishes or soups, it is better to have the homegrown carrots in your kitchen. Here are six tips that you can implement if you want to grow carrots in your garden.

Make Sure to Water the Plants Frequently

Carrots need lots of water to grow especially if they are just planted. In general, when the crops have been planted, you need to pay attention to the water supply for the few first weeks particularly when the crops started to sprout.

You need to keep the soil always moist. If there is less rain water for them, you have to water the plants by yourself so that you can have the delicious yet healthy carrots.

Loosen the Soil

The important aspect for the plants to grow well is the soil. You may also know that carrots are considered as root vegetables. How your carrots grow will depend on the quality of the soil.

If the soil is too rocky or compacted, your plants may become short growth or they may also be split into two. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Therefore, you need to provide loosen yet well drained soil.

Lightly Sow and Much Spacing

You need to plant the seeds in the depth of ½ inch. You may need to sow the seeds minimal 1 foot among the rows.

Later on, when the seeds are starting to grow, you may want to thin them to provide more space. You can pour the seeds in various spots so that you don’t need to spend lots of time thinning them later on.

Carrot Thinning

When your seeds start to grow, you need to thin them. Make sure that they are not overcrowded and have enough space to grow from each other. It is better for each carrot to grow separately from each other. It is to ensure that your carrots will be delicious and in large size.

It is very easy to thin your carrots. You just need to do it once they are about 4 inches tall. Get rid of the plants which are too close to each other. Make sure that each plant needs to be 1 inch away from each other.

Cover the Carrots’ Roots

Make sure that the roots covered by the soils all the time. If you happen to uncover the roots when you are watering them, you need to put the roots back in the ground. When the roots are being exposed to the sunlight for quite long time, your carrots can be discolored.

Fertilize the Plants

Make sure to fertilize your carrot plants after they are being planted. At least one month after they are planted. You can add some phosphate, seaweed or fish emulsion liquid fertilizer for them. You can give the fertilizer several times during the growing season.