6 Great Tips for Growing Beets


Although beets seem to be not much in the color from the outside, once you have them cut, you will realize that they are rich in color from the inside. You may find that they have vibrant colors like red, bright white and also brilliant gold.

No matter which varieties that you want to grow, these beets can be very delicious to add in your recipes. You can also make some beet chips from them.

Prepare the Right Soils

Soil is the main key for the successful planting. For beets, you need to prepare the right soil with the right pH. The average pH soil for beets is around 6.5 to 7. If you prepare the soil with this right pH, they will easily get the phosphorus for them to grow well and healthy.

So, make sure to prepare this soil prior to planting the beets. If needed, you can give the plants more phosphorous through the soil by adding some fertilizer.

Provide the Appropriate Amount of Space

For your plants to grow well, each beet crop needs to be in appropriate space. Starting from sowing the seeds, you need to place each seed in the soil with the depth of ½ up to 1 inch. Every beet row needs to be separated at least 1 up to 1 ½ feet from each other.

Thin the Plants

To be able to grow healthy beets, you need to thin the plants. As we all know, one beet plant is able to produce several plants at the same time. Thus, you need to thin them so that they will not overcrowd.

If you feel that your beet plants have been in 3 inches tall, you can start thinning them. Make sure that each seed should be at least 3 inches away from each other. You can plant the thinned seedlings into other containers if you like.

Water the Plants Regularly

Beets require lots of water. If you water them less, you will find that your beets will be flavorless and tough. They may also become very short. Therefore, to make the soils moist all the time, you need to water them regularly.

Make sure that the soils will not be dried out. You can add some compost to your plants. You can also add some mulch to help them retain the water much longer.

Get Rid of the Weeds

Weeds can be serious problem for beets. Weeds can choke out the beets, thus you need to make sure to get rid of them as soon as they grow near your beet crops. Do it carefully so that you don’t hurt the beet roots as you take out of the weeds.

If you don’t get rid of the weeds, you will have your beets tough in the end as they don’t get enough water and nutrients to grow.

Choose the Right Weather

Beets need to grow in the right time so that when they are mature the weather needs to be between cool and hot weather.

If the weather is too hot when they are mature, your beets may produce less sugar and they can be much lighter in their colors. If the weather is much colder, you beets may grow flower stalks easily and too early. It is best to grow them in the sunny weather.