7 Edibles to Grow Indoors


You can start planting edibles that you can easily grow indoors. Don’t you think it is amazing to have your own plants that you can eat at the same time? There are 7 edibles that you can plant easily inside your house.


Make sure to provide gaps for each plant. You can use the planter box to grow lettuce. Place the pot under the direct sun. Water the soil to keep it moist all the time. Check the soils regularly. If they dry, water them quickly.

String Beans

You need to choose bigger pot to grow the string beans. You can use 12 x 18 sized pot for this plant. Make sure to place the pot in the location with direct sun. You can water the plant every day or once in two days depending on the soils conditions.


If you want to plant cucumber, make sure to provide large pots as it needs spacious room to grow. Choose planter with the size of 16 inches. Then, fill it with soil for about ¾ part and it is ready for the growing planter. You can keep your cucumber from the sun as it doesn’t require direct sun. You can water them 3 or 4 times in a week.

Heirloom Tomatoes

You can plant individual tomato plant in the pot and wait for it to have the seedlings. Then, provide the vines for the plants to climb. This heirloom tomato can grow tall and nice later on. This plant doesn’t require direct sun. You can water your plant once a day or even twice a day if you find that the soil is dry.


You can plant the chilies in the pot with at least with the depth of 10 inches. Chilies are the most beautiful indoor edibles. Therefore, you can place this plant in your kitchen’s centerpiece. However, make sure to keep the plant away from direct sun. Water the plant every day with generous amount of water.

Parsley and Cilantro

These two plants are considered to be very sensitive to any sunlight and water. You can grow them in the pot in general. Both plants don’t require lots of sunlight so you can place the pots at the shady place inside your house. Don’t let them get the direct sun for quite long time. Nevertheless, you need to water these plants regularly every day.

Basil and Rosemary

You can choose whether you want to plant both of them or only one of them. in general, these edibles have the same treatment if you want to grow them indoor. You can place them inside the pot. What you need to know is that they require lots of sunlight especially direct sunlight.

You may want to place the pots near the window. For the treatment, you can water the plants once in a day when the weather is hot. You can water them once in two days if the weather is moderate.