8 Easiest Vegetables to Grow (Even If You Don’t Know Gardening)


If you want to try growing your own vegetables and preserve them, you don’t have to worry anymore about the time that you need to spend to your garden. Don’t worry! There are lots of vegetables that that you can grow without having to spend lots of hard work to grow. Particularly if you are new to gardening, these are vegetables that you can grow easily.


One vegetable that you can easily grow in your garden is tomato. It is considered to be the most sought vegetable during the summer season. Furthermore, it is always better to have homegrown tomatoes. Their taste will be way more delicious compared to the tomatoes sold in the store.

You can grow the tomatoes by keeping the seedling indoor for about 4 weeks before they are being planted outdoor. You can also buy the ready used seedlings in the nursery if you want to. Make sure to prepare well-trained soils for them. One benefit of planting tomatoes is that they will grow if you water them.

Bell Peppers

These vegetables are also considered to be very easy to grow. Just like tomatoes, you need to keep the seedlings indoor for four weeks before planting them outdoor. You can also get the seedlings that are ready to grow from the local nursery.

Bell peppers love being in the heat. Make sure to plant them only after all frost threat has completely gone. Furthermore, you need to plant the seedlings under the direct full sunlight. Prepare the soils as well as the compost. After planting, make sure to water them regularly and also fertilize them.

Root Vegetables

You can also grow carrots and radishes in your garden. They are basically easy to grow. You can plant them directly on the ground or in the container. The main key is to avoid seedling overcrowding and also prepare loose dirt to grow. Make sure to fertilize them well.

Yellow Summer Squash

If you want to grow yellow summer squash, make sure to compost them well. Prepare some well drained soils for them. Remember that squash really love the heat so plant them directly under the full sunlight. Make sure to water and fertilize them regularly.


You can grow cucumbers and you can use them as part of your salad or as the homemade pickles. Just like root vegetables, you can plant them on the ground or in the containers. As they are considered to be warm weather vegetables, you need to grow them after the frost thread completely disappear.

Green Beans

Besides being very easy to grow, green beans will also produce abundant harvests. You need to grow them under the direct sow to keep them well growth. Prepare some trellis for them or you can prepare some strings for them to grow.


You have to prepare well drained soils and the fertilizer to grow spinach. You can either plant them directly under the sun or under some shady light. To be successfully planting this vegetable, you need to make sure that you get rid of any area where you distinguish the clusters appear.


Lettuce is considered to be a cool weather plant so make sure to grow them in spring or fall. However, you can grow them anytime unless the weather is not below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If the weather drops, you just need to cover them with some sheet or plastic.