A Beginner’s Guide to Alliums


Who can resist Alliums? It is one the most favorite garden plants in many European countries. The Alliums gain attention as part of onion family. Referring to this fact, people then begin to associate planting Alliums and planting the salad garden. There is no way it would be a salad garden, unless the gardeners put the wrong bulb!

Outdoor Setting

Step 1. Pick a location. The soil in this area must be well-drained, not too much. The easiest way to test is seeing the puddle formed after rain. It should be gone after 5 to 6 hours. Otherwise, the Alliums’ root will die.

Step 2. Set the sun shine. Alliums are plants that must get enough sun. Those grow in shady areas will still bloom, but the root is quite weak compared to those that grow under the sun.

Step 3. Prepare the holes. The rule for Alliums’ bulb is “not too deep nor to shallow”. The ideal depth is 3 inches. Don’t forget to provide six to eight inches space between the bulb.

Step 4. Pour some water on the soil. It is important to know the watering trick for Allium. Instead of watering directly above the bulb, the gardeners should pour the water in a circle motion around the soil.

Step 5. Bloom time. After passing the growing phase, it is time to grow beautifully. The gardeners or house owners are suggested to pluck the flowers and make them a decoration.

Step 6. Fading time. The next phase after blooming is fading. The petals slowly fall to the ground. However, the foliage stays intact. Keep in mind not to cut the foliage. It is the bulb for the next season.

Step 7. Prepare the bulb. Approximately in summer, the Alliums’ foliage might be removed. The plants might need several months before the next cycle.

In A Pot

Step 1. Put enough amount of well-drained soil. If there is no soil to dig, then purchase the commercial one in the shop. Don’t forget the holes for water flow. Alliums’ bulbs cannot be drowned.

Step 2. Place it in a sunny set. The Alliums loves sun shine. Place the pot in an open area, where the pot can get the warmth of the sun.

Step 3. Dig deep enough. In a single pot, the gardeners should plant the bulb three inches deep from the surface. In a long pot, the depth is also three inches, and the distance between each bulb is six inches.

Step 4. Give enough water. Bulb in a pot needs regular watering schedule. Otherwise, they cannot survive.

Step 5. Bloom sessions. It is Alliums’ time! Pick some Alliums and put them in a water vase!

Step 6. Fading time. The sign of the fading time is falling petals. The leaves, however, still stick to the stem. Don’t cut the foliage, as it is the assets for next year’s flowers.

Step 7. Dormancy time. As the leaves fall, the plants enter the resting phase. The gardeners could remove the foliage.

It is not difficult to plant Alliums. This variety is known to be one of the toughest garden plants. The Alliums don’t gloom easily just because the weather. The gardeners could also plant it on the ground and the pot also. Happy gardening!