Beautiful DIY Waterfall Ideas for Your Garden


Are you running out of ideas of how to decorate your garden? Well, here we have some ideas of making beautiful DIY waterfall. The projects are not complicated to make as we selected the simple but beautiful ones for you. Here they are:

Simple Metal Waterfall

To begin with, let’s see this simple metal waterfall. Have you ever imagined that a metal plank can be a great waterfall material for your garden? Here it is! This DIY waterfall project for your garden is easier and even so simple to make.

As the name suggests, the main material you will need to carry out this project is a metal plank. The color of the metal plank depends on how you like it to be. Maybe you can choose the color that suits the overall theme of your garden. To complement the waterfall, you may add some plants and rocks at the bottom of the waterfall to give is perfect touch.

Waterfall and Pond Altogether

Next, here comes a waterfall with a pond. Why only making a waterfall when you can complement it with a pond? Although this project can create something beautiful for your garden, you may need to spend a longer time to finish it. The reason to this is clearly because you need to construct two things: the waterfall and the pond.

Therefore, this project is great for you to do on the weekend. In making this project, make sure you get creative with all the plants surrounding the waterfall and the pond. Insert your favorite touch so that you can personalize the waterfall and the pond so that it represents your style.

Waterfall from Wheelbarrow

Looking for a waterfall idea for your garden that is not common? Here it is! You can make a waterfall for your garden using a wheelbarrow. The water of the waterfall trickles through the rocks placed on the wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow in this project is meant to give your yard even more perfect ambiance. Before creating the waterfall, you can paint the wheelbarrow in your favorite color or in a color that suits the overall theme of your garden.

Waterfall for a garden can come in many forms and styles. Some of the waterfall styles are presented above. Regardless of what you choose to have in your garden, always ensure that you build the waterfall according to your style and preference. Also, don’t forget to maintain the harmony between the waterfall and other things in the garden.