Beautiful Flower Bed Ideas to Adopt


Flower bed doesn’t have to be predictable or boring like in country cottages or at grandma’s house. Instead, gorgeous layouts and carefully selected combination will create better looking flower beds with real atmosphere improvement to offer. If you need inspirations, check out the following brilliant ideas.

  • Summer-Long Blooms with All-Starts Perennials

If you want to add colors to borders, several flowers like yarrow, sedum, salvia, echinacea, and the late blooming coreopsis will bloom from midsummer to fall. For attractive looking bed, make sure to plant based on its kind and colors. Then give some twists with taller flowers in the middle of the shorts. Be playful in colors as it is more about summer. It doesn’t have to match to each other. It only needs to be blended in your layouts.

  • Tea Garden Flower Beds

This is an idea in which you can get more than just summer flower garden at the house. These flower beds will use several plants that actually can get snipped and then steeped for herbal teas with refreshing and healing properties. You can layout a semi circular or just standard row flower beds, and plant feathery white chamomile thrive, English lavender, berry colored Bee balm, and Annise hyssop with purple flowers.

  • Summer Edibles Beds

Instead of beautiful flowers only, you can actually add more plants that you can snip and cook later for additional ingredient in your meal. To adopt summer shade and provide edible options, let’s plant sunflowers, coreopsis, cosmos, and chamomile. This flower bed actually has sunny colors which make perfect match to the summer season, while it also attracts pollinators.

  • Raised Flower Beds

This is a popular idea and it is a perfect fit for a smaller space and for owners who hate it when people stomp on their flower beds. This bed is actually perfect with many kinds of flowers. For example, golden feverfew and blooming thyme will make pleasant beds while being beneficial as well. For dramatic look, let several of the flowers to spill over the edge. If you use cage to raise it, let several flowers spill over for natural beauty.

Flower beds beauty is more about the combination of color and height. Several styles even prefer on wilder layout and arrangement for natural looking beds. Those ideas above are great to adopt but feel free to modify the flowers and plants selection. Your selection will add personal touch on it. Have a try!