Best Crafts for the Garden


Gardening can be so much fun for some people; even they keep trying to improve their garden look by adding some cool items on it. The simple gardening concept can always be applied for those who love gardening and have no trouble spending lots of their time inside their garden.

Not only plating beautiful flowers but adding beautiful crafts to your garden will be great. So, check some great ideas about gardening crafts that will give you some beautiful insights into the best crafts to be put in your garden and will absolutely improve the appearance of your garden.

Garden Planter and Bird Bath

The DIY garden planter and the bird bath is a cute addition for your garden; therefore these are the list of materials that you will need to prepare:

  • Terracotta pot as the base around 8 cm tall
  • Plastic pots around 6 cm tall
  • Plastic pots around 4-5 tall
  • Pieces of rebar with the size 62 inches
  • The primary colors of spray paints
  • The unique colors of spray paints (will be needed around 2 colors of your own unique choice)
  • Boob light discarded globe
  • Little bird made from a ceramic material
  • Outdoor aquatic adhesive

Step 1: Prepare all the pots that you already have and paint the pots using sprayer paints. Spray the birdie and some of the pots also with your favorite unique color sprayer paint.

Step 2: Measure all the pot heights and add more around 24 inches for the preparation of rebar length, cut the rebar by using a hacksaw. Pound the rebar to the ground by using a hammer, so it can stand all the heavy pots.

Step 3: Set up all the pots into the rebar and add soil in the pot.

Step 4: Use the flush mount light of the globe and put this material in the top part of your rebar. The position of the bowl will on the first flower pot. This will be the birdbath bowl and paste the bird on the bowl. Wait until it dry before filling the bowl with water.

Step 5: Plant the flowers on your pot, and enjoy your beautiful garden planter with the bird bath.

Vegetable Garden with Spiraled Stone Design

The materials that will be needed:

  • A high quality of soils
  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Beautiful kinds of stones or any kinds of stones that you have

Step 1: Prepare the fertilized soils, and start to make the spiral design into your garden. The spiral soil design later will be filled with stones.

Step 2: Find and prepare all the stones since this is the basic materials that will be needed. Then, place all the stones on the soil with a spiral design that you already prepared before, in the corner of your garden. Pile up some stones and arrange it properly based on your own design.

Step 3: Plant your vegetable seed around this spiral stone area, since you already use fertilized soil, the vegetable seed will grow eventually. Enjoy your beautiful vegetable garden with the spiraled stone design.