Best Food to Grow for Beginner Gardener


It doesn’t take a green thumb to successfully grow food plants in your own garden. Several plants are actually easy to grow and are highly recommended for many beginner gardeners. Literally, several plants are survivor. You can just dump them on the ground and they will manage to grow. Several gardening sites agree on several varieties. Check out the list below.

  1. Zuchinni

Zuchinni is prolific plants and it grows easily from the seeds. This plant loves warm, tough, and moist soil so it makes a best alternative during warm season. It makes perfect plant for new gardener as being though, a perfect match to gardening procrastinator.

  1. Green Beans

All kinds of beans, from string or snap beans to whole or shell beans, are great alternatives. They grow easily from the seeds and snapping beans while harvesting is actually really fun. Bush types take smaller space in your garden comparing to vine types, but both of them like direct sun light as well as well drained soil.

  1. Radishes

Radishes are great for salad, and it makes great side dishes, snacks, and appetizers as well. This plant doesn’t only grow very easily but also quickly. It takes around 20 days only for it to reach full size.

  1. Carrots

Those whole carrots are easier to grow than you can imagine. They like deep and well drained soil and full sun light. However, they tolerate light shade as well and soil beds are great ideas for growing space. In addition to it, it may not grow as big as expected if you plant them in rocky soil.

  1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers like three things. They love support to climb, enough sun light, and warm soil. You only need these three things and regular watering to harvest more than enough cucumbers for the house and closest neighbors. Bush cucumbers are best variety for container and it has great disease resistance.

  1. Tomatoes

This is one of the most popular vegetables to plant. You can grow them in containers or baskets. They can grow almost anywhere as long as they get stem support. Cherry tomatoes are a great way to start and it is recommended for you to use starter plants instead of seeds to start. Planting basil next to your tomatoes improves the tomatoes taste.

These plants should help you in getting real harvest for food plants even if you are a gardening novice. Start with one of the recommendations to learn the skill. Happy trying.