Broken Pot Planters Fairy Garden


One of the latest trends in gardening is fairy garden trend. Of all things a gardener can do to infuse the “fairy theme” into their garden, one of the things they can do is using garden pot planters that are already broken. Yes! Even broken planters can make great additions to your garden. Here are some ideas:

Provence Broken Pot

To begin with, let’s take a look at this provence broken pot fairy garden planter. This planter is so sweet, isn’t it? This broken planter comes in pot style and it is finished in hand painting that make it super gorgeous.

What is even greater from this fairy garden planter is the size. This planter comes in petite size that makes it suitable for both outside and indoor usages.

This fairy garden planter is built from a poly-resin that is durable, meaning that the planter won’t be deteriorating when we leave it out in those elements. Can you picture yourselves out growing green moss lush on those different levels of the planter? Cool, huh?

Broken Pot with Cottage

Here comes another fairy garden broken pot planter and now comes with a cottage. Can you spot the quaint petite fairy garden cottage up there? That seems to be a place from which Aurora lives with her three guardian fairies.

The overall look of this fairy garden planter seems to be a gorgeous little scene, especially when you fill the planter with some fairy garden accessories and some plump little succulents to give planters some colors. This particular broken planter comes with three planting areas that create a layered look that is undeniably lovely.

Three Pots in Whimsical Style

Lastly, here comes another fairy garden planter for you who think you are not a very creative gardener but still want to have a lovely planter in the garden.

This whimsical three pots will be a very perfect choice for you because this planter just needs planting in, making this a ticket to your own fairy garden while it remains artsy. What is more, this fairy garden can be used in many different situations and places such as putting it on your desk in the office or simply hanging them up.

Fairy garden broken pot planter is such a cute trend. Besides, it is also cute and adorable. While such planter enables you to grow your favorite plant, it also becomes a pretty decorative item. Do you want to join this planter trend?