Container Gardening For Beginners


If you just start loving the art of gardening and want to try something that is easy and simple for you, you probably like to do container gardening. From the name itself, the container gardening deals with the activity of growing plants in such containers. In general, you can grow any plants that are able to grow in the soil. There are few tips that you can implement if you want to do the container gardening.

Pay Attention to the Drainage

Although it may sound absurd, you need to understand that the important factor which determines the success of the container gardening is the drainage. You need to be able to measure the holes in the bottom of the container to get the water out of the pot.

If you only provide small holes for the plants, there is always a possibility that the soil can become very wet and it causes the root’s plant to rot.

If you buy pots or containers, you may be aware that they oftentimes don’t offer sufficient drainage. However, you can do some modifications to the pots or containers by carving, punching or drilling some bigger holes.

Of course, it will be much easier for you to start the gardening immediately if you can find perfect containers with sufficient holes. If you use small containers, the minimum diameter of the holes needs to be at least ½ inch, while for bigger containers; you may need to have 1 inch diameter at the minimum.

Measure the Light

The next tip for successful container gardening is the exposure of the light. For the optimal growth of the plants in the containers, you need to measure the amount of light that they will get every day. Basically, there are various plants that you can grow based on the light that you can provide. Just make sure how much light that your plants will get before deciding what plants to grow.

The easiest and simplest way to measure the light is by placing the container anywhere you like and time the duration of the sun hits the container. If you happen to have the sun calculator, you can determine the light exposure from it.

Nourish the Plants

Since you use the containers, the soils inside the containers don’t get free access to the nutrients that are needed by the plants. Therefore, you have to provide the nutrients for them by adding the fertilizer to the soil mixture.

There are two ways that you can do to add the fertilizer to the soil. First, you can mix the potting soils and the fertilizer beforehand and then put this mixture to the pot. Second, you can add some potting soil into the container and then mix it with the fertilizer.

After doing it, you also need to fertilize your container plants with some liquid fertilizer once a week or twice a week. You can use the blend of seaweed and fish emulsion. Despite of its awful smell, this liquid fertilizer is very helpful to provide any nutrition for your plants.

These are some tips that you need to know before starting the container gardening. Now, it’s time to try it! Good luck!