DIY Garden Projects With Rocks


There are lots of ways to improve your garden look, and one of the most favorite materials to be used is by using the rock. The project of improving garden with rocks always become the favorite choice for some people, since it will always cheap and rocks are a natural element that can easily be found. This is also a different and unique choice of materials that can be used for a long term.

Start Your Unique Garden Projects with Rocks

Whenever you want to start your unique garden projects by using rocks, you may start to dig around your yard, your garden or the environment surrounding you to find many kinds of rocks such as quartz, basalt or just an ordinary stone. There will be lots of choices for the extraordinary rocks ideas to improve your garden and make it looks more stunning than before just because of a special addition of rocks d├ęcor.

Some Attractive and Creative DIY Garden Rocks Ideas

Craft Stone Hearts

Materials to be prepared:

  • Small stones
  • Wires
  • Iron hangers

Step 1. Form the wires into 3D heart shape design, you may use art and craft scissors to create the 3D design of wire and form it into a heart shape.

Step 2. Insert all the small stones into the 3D heart shaped wire and hang all the wires with iron hangers in your garden. To add more variations, you may also paint the stones first so that you will have colorful stones.

Water Feature Rocks

The materials that will be needed:

  • Short iron pole
  • Rocks
  • Grinder

Step 1. You have to pick the most suitable rocks with different sizes around your environment, use grinders to create a hole for each of the stones.

Step 2. Set up the short iron into the comfortable length size that will be easy for you to reach it (around 60 centimeters approximately). Use a hammer to make it stand on the ground.

Step 3. Arrange the rocks from the biggest size to the smallest size for each iron. Your DIY water feature rocks are ready, and you may enjoy it.

Pebble Mosaic Rocks

Materials to be prepared:

  • Any kinds of pebble rocks with a mosaic pattern
  • Bricks

Step 1. Arrange the bricks into the pathway, you may feel free to create the pathway of your own inside your garden. You may dig the soil, and place the bricks.

Step 2. Arrange all the pebble rocks into a unique mosaic pattern or any kinds of unique pattern based on your own idea, by following the bricks and create the pathway.

DIY Cute Ladybug Stones

Materials to be prepared:

  • Stones
  • Acrylic paint with red and black and white colors
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush and small size paint brush

Step 1. Pick the stones with the approximate same size

Step 2. Make your stones softer by rubbing it using sandpaper

Step 3. paint your stone and cover all areas with red colors. Let it dry

Step 4. Decorate the red stones by using black acrylic and use your small paintbrush to create the body by drawing a straight line in the middle of the stone, and put small black dots around the ladybug body

Step 5. Put the small white 2 dots as the eyes of a ladybug.

Step 6. Create as much as ladybugs that you need and place it around your garden.