DIY Garden Trinkets and Yard Decorations


Trinkets are common in our home. We have them almost in most places in our home to decorate some furniture or the rooms. Yet, did you ever try considering having them in the garden? Garden is the extension of our home, meaning that it deserves some decorations too! If you are interested in trying it, here we have some ideas for you:

DIY Dragonfly Garden Art

First, here is the idea of making DIY dragonfly garden art. This project comes from “Bird and Blooms”. This DIY project is such a perfect and cute little sparkle for garden containers or a tiny whimsy for an unexpected corner.

To do this project, you may need soldering gun that you can easily get from any craft store for a few bucks only. Such garden or yard decorations can be attached to any spots in your garden.

However, using this decoration somewhere near the seating area can be a magic! In creating this decoration, you can play with the colors and also the size of the dragonfly.

DIY Rock Animals

Next, there is a garden trinket project named DIY Rock Animals. This idea comes from “Your Livable Garden”. This garden decoration is indeed cute and of course easy to do, even with children. This project is a really great idea for making garden or yard decoration because this trinket is a simple outdoor décor.

Besides, this project also enables you to work with the nature by creating possibilities with textures and shapes. What you need is just glue to stick the rocks and variety in creating the animals from the rocks.

DIY Garden and Yard Ornaments

The last great idea to make garden trinkets and yard decorations is this one! You can find the insulators simply at any thrift or antique shops near your house.

Besides, you only need to glue the insulators on the copper pipe segments. Finally, insert the insulators into the soil. Isn’t it easy and doable?

It can be used in many corners of your garden. What is more, this garden and yard ornaments will not take much space, making it a nice addition to your garden or yard. Vary the length of the insulators to create even more unique ornaments!

Making garden trinkets and yard decorations doesn’t mean you need to do complicated projects. Even simple projects like those three above are already enough. Which one do you want to try first?