DIY Hydroponic for Under $100


Hydroponic gardening is a great idea for gardeners with lack of space to grow their favorite plants. While such gardening is easy to set up, it also requires minimum maintenance, watering, and no weeds. However, building hydroponic can sometimes be too costly. But don’t worry! We’ve got the guide to DIY hydroponic for under $100. Check it out below:


  • Check valve
  • 10 gallon of rubber tote
  • Air pump
  • Drill bit to make holes
  • Air stone
  • Pea pebbles
  • Mesh 3-inch Pots
  • Airline tubing

Step 1

To begin, grab your Mesh Pots and make some traces on the rubber tote lid’s top. After that, garb a string or a compass trace the inner lip of the mesh pot. This depends on what kind of mesh pot you have.


Step 2

Grab your drill bit and cut the holes out very carefully and after that continue cutting with a box cutter.

Step 3

After cutting the top, it is the time to drill a hole to make the tubing. Create the hole on the top of the container’s lower part. Ensure that the hole is as high as it can be so that water will not drain out. Then fir the aquarium check valve on the tubing so that you can protect the air pump from back flow. Ensure that the air is going towards the container.

Step 4

Next, attach air stone to the tubing and then place it in the container’s bottom. Afterwards, fill most of the container’s way to the top or simply below the tubing hole. Then attach a lid and insert the mesh pots to those holes. Next fill the pots with some grow medium.

Step 5

Once you are done filling the container with fertilizer or water, you are ready to start planting. In planting the plant, make sure that you always choose a spot that gets enough exposure of sun. Yet, also make sure that the water does not get too hot when it comes to summer season.

The best place for the container may be a spot that gets shade when the hottest period of a day comes. For a better maintenance, you may need to buy a pH meter so that you can always keep an eye on the pH of the water.

So, that’s it all the steps to build a hydroponic under $100. Buying the supplies will not cost you lots of time as well as you can buy them online like in Amazon. Go give it a try!