DIY Hydroponic Gardens: How to Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water


To start producing the fresh and delicious vegetables by yourself, you don’t have to have a spacious garden to do so. You also don’t need to have several years experience to build your own gardening system. This is what the benefits of hydroponics gardening that you can get. The main idea for this type of gardening is only the inventiveness and flexibility.

Passive Bucket Kratky System

This technique is considered to be the simplest and easiest way to create the hydroponic system. You can even make this system in a couple of hours. If you just start knowing the hydroponic gardening, you can try using this system.

What you need to prepare is the bucket, growing media (such as perlite, vermiculite, hydroton, etc), pH kits, hydroponic nutrients, and also several net pots. These are all you need to have to set the passive hydroponic system.

This system is great choice for the beginners as it doesn’t require lots of maintenance. It can grow well for several weeks without being supervised. You can use this system to grow vegetables such as spinach or lettuce. You can also try growing tomatoes with this passive bucket kartky system.

Simple Bucket System

This is also another simple system that you can choose if you are the beginner in the hydroponic gardening. What you need to prepare is a 5 gallon bucket as the containers.

You also need to prepare the nutrients mixture, growing media (perlite, vermiculite, coco coir, or others). The setup is to use the growing media as the capillary agent that will move the nutrients into the roots of the plants.

You can use this system if you want to plant a single large vegetable. You can also water the media manually. If you want the water supply to be automatic, you may want to use another bucket as its water reservoir. You can connect both buckets using the submersible water pump and also the timer.

PVC NFT System

You can prepare 4 pieces of large PVC pipes to setup the hydroponic garden in your house. When using this hydroponic system, the plants will be placed in the cups and being arranged inside the pipe holders. You may need to drill several holes in the pipes to support the cups tightly.

This PVC system is being watered by the pump and reservoir. You can say that it is a closed system where the water is circulating around the reservoir and the pipes.

You can choose this hydroponic system if you plan on growing several small plants in a small area. This system can be used to grow for about 20 to 40 plants. You can also place this hydroponic system outdoor or indoor. If you place it indoor, you may also need to mind the lighting.