DIY Wooden Planter Boxes for Your Yard or Patio


Wooden planter is somehow necessary for a garden as it is so attractive and it can even be a nice addition to any space in the garden. What is even more, wooden planter is also function, while it is aesthetically enhancing. The wood of the planter gives the garden rustic feeling which complements the garden’s natural setting. Here we come with some ideas of wooden planter boxes for you yard or patio:

Cedar Wall Planter

This cedar wall planter will be great addition to the outside part of your kitchen door as you will easily get any herb plants for your cooking. Creating this wall planter using cedar is meant to add the natural resistance to any rot.

Besides, watering the soil in the planters will definitely make the optimal conditions for the wood’s rooting. To make this planter, the main materials are of course cedar woods. Besides, you need to decide what kind of herb plants you will plant in the planters. Choose the ones that you often need for your cooking.

Also, make sure you get the right measurement so that the planter will not bring distraction to the surrounding.

Hose Holder Planter Box

Coming up next is this hose holder planter box. As you can see from the picture, this wooden planter can serve many functions for you. On the top part of the planter, you can grow your favorite flowers or even the herb plants you need often for your cooking.

Meanwhile, this planter also comes with additional storage in which you can store anything you like including your garden equipment. In making this hose holder painter box, make sure you use the right type of wood so it will not be broken easily due to the weather change.

Large DIY Planter on Wheels

Here comes a unique wooden planter. This planter comes with wheels on each side. The color of this planter is also unusual as we often see wooden planter in the color of wood. This planter comes with bright white instead.

To make this planter, the first thing you need to make sure is whether it will be outdoor or indoor planter. If you want to make it as outdoor planter, you will need to employ pressure treated wood. On the contrary, if you need it as an indoor one, you can go with pine or simply any kind of woods.

Another thing to make sure when making this planter is the size of the planter so that it can suit your indoor area or the outdoor one.

So, which idea of DIY wooden planter above is your favorite? Go get the materials and make them! Be ready to feel the rustic vibe in your garden.