Easy Vegetables that Anyone Can Grow


If you just started to grow your own vegetables, you can do it easily by choosing these vegetables to plant. These vegetables are very suitable for the beginners in gardening since they are very easy to grow and maintain. You just need to plant them in the soils and watch them grow with less care.

Lettuce and Other Salad Greens

You can start growing the salad in your garden. If you plant lettuce, it will be very easy for you to harvest. You just need to pick its leaves as many as you need or snip the tops off. Lettuce also needs less space to grow. You can plant them in the containers if you like.


These plants require lots of sun and also warm weather. If you want to grow cucumbers, you also need to prepare the supports for them to climb. Once you have prepared all of these and also give them plenty of water regularly, you will realize that they are very easy to grow just like the weeds. You may also produce lots of cucumbers that you can even share to your neighbors.


These plants are considered to be the most popular plants to grow in the garden. You can grow them in the containers or in the hanging baskets or anywhere as long as they get lots of sunlight and also have the supports for their stalks to grow. You can start planting the tomatoes in your garden if you like. Choose the smaller tomato varieties like the cherry tomatoes.


These vegetables are considered to be very easy to grow. You can find that their seeds are quite large to sow in the containers or in the garden beds. You need to plant the seeds at least within the depth of six inches. You need to make sure that the plants get enough amount of sunlight every day.


These vegetables are very easy to grow. You can even grow the whole carrots in the ground if you like. If you want to grow these vegetables, it is better to use the raised beds since they need well drained yet deep soil to grow. They are also able to grow in a shady place. Since it is very easy to grow carrots, your kids may also enjoy planting them in the garden.

These are the vegetables that you can easily grow as the beginners on the vegetable gardening. Once you find that planting the vegetables are very easy and fun to do, you can grow more and with lots of variations in your garden.