Everything You Need to Know about Growing Rosemary


Rosemary is one of several wonderful herbs with so many uses. It works well almost in everything from cooking to healing. In addition to it, rosemary shrubs look really good in the landscape. It is a must in everyone’s gardening list. If you plan to plant it, you need to know the following factors.

  • Plant Exposure

Rosemary particularly needs the exposure to sun light. Morning light is great but it is important to expose the plants to mid day and afternoon light so it reaches its best. It is ideal to grow them outdoor along with other plants, but growing it indoor is fine too as long as you have good air circulation for the plants.

  • Cold Hardiness

This plant shows signs of damage when it grows in under 20° Fahrenheit temperature. You can bring it indoor during the winter but make sure to provide proper heat to it to prevent it from dying. Of course, summer growing is the best timing for this herb.

  • Soil

Rosemary needs the soil to be well drained. In several conditions, gardeners need to add additional help to improve soil drain and the help added depends on the soil type. Rosemary isn’t so picky when it comes to soil but it prefers the alkaline than the acidic.

  • Water

Rosemary is known to be easily overwatered. To prevent the root from rooting, it requires proper watering. Regular watering is extremely needed during the first cycle and you can continue with deep and infrequent watering. Around 2 to 4 weeks gap watering should be enough depending on your soil condition.

  • Fertilizer

Rosemary doesn’t particularly need fertilizer while growing. However, composing your soil will be very beneficial at the same time. If the condition is extreme, you should consider adding all purpose fertilizer with organic properties. It should help in addressing your issue and keep the plants in balance.

  • Propagation

Propagating the rosemary is actually easy. You should make five to eight inches long cut and then strip off its lower leaves. Then, transfer the leaves into the water and make sure the two or three nodes are soaked in. Those are where the roots will come out from.

Don’t worry about being a beginner on this things gardening. Rosemary is easy to grow and maintain, and it offers great uses as well in the end. Those factors are important to consider to start but it should be easy enough. Good luck!