Fairy Door Planter


If you want to make some fairy gardens, you can decorate your garden with this DIY fairy door planter. This project is very easy to follow. This magical planter will definitely bring some joys and fun into your garden with its whimsical atmosphere.


You need to provide the tools and materials below to make your own fairy door planters.

  • Dual temp glue gun or gorilla glue
  • Mini mushrooms
  • A set of miniature garden tools
  • Mini welcome sign
  • Potted green piece moss
  • River rocks
  • Flocked moss fairy garden stones
  • Mini fairy garden door path set
  • 5 inch terracotta planter

Step 1. You can choose other supplies that you may need to make this project. the supplies given previously are just some suggestions to make it easier for you to prepare the materials. If you want to use some moss fairy garden stones instead of smooth river rocks for your garden, you can also use that.

Step 2. If you use the gorilla glue, make sure to follow the instructions on how to attach the materials onto the terracotta planter. You can use your creativity to design the fairy door on the planter.

Step 3. After all the rocks and the door are being attached securely onto the planter, you can start gluing the moss onto the crevices and the cracks. If you want to use this planter outdoor and also want to water the plants inside this planter, you need to use much stronger glue.

If you just want to use this planter as the decoration along with its interior plastic shield, you can just use the hot glue.

Step 4. Finish the planter by adding some metal garden mushrooms and tools. You can also add the welcome home sign on the planter. You can also add some small twigs for the decoration.

Step 5. You can cover all parts of the planter with this decoration if you want. This project only covers one side of the planter. You can also add some mini garden trellis or outdoor bench on this planter. Once all the glue is completely dry, you can use this planter as your plant container.

You can use this fairy door planter as your indoor plant container or outdoor plant container. If you want to use it indoor, you can plant some herbs or other small plants which are not very demanding lots of water.

So, do you find this project is very easy to do? You can start preparing this project this weekend. If you find it simple and easy to do, you can make some more. Just get ready to buy all the supplies at the supply store near your house.