Fairy Gardens that Will Make You Want to Start Your Own


There are just too many themes we can use to build our garden. One of garden themes that is favored by so many gardeners is fairy garden. Such garden theme can turn a boring garden into a cute and adorable one. If you cannot picturize what fairy garden is, here are some examples that surely will make you want to start your own soon.

In Ground Fairy Garden

Firstly, there is in ground fairy garden. This fairy garden idea is a great choice for you who have a large space for your garden. Building this kind of garden will not require you to separate space or pot.

The best part of this fairy garden is that all of the rooms have to be done in larger pieces such as choosing larger plants and choosing large word slices. Isn’t this fairy garden beautiful?

Wagon Fairy Garden

If you love fairy gardens and also vintage style, you need to take a look at this wagon fairy garden. This garden is mobile fairy, vintage, built inside and also old wagon!

Can you see the handmade tree swing of the fairy garden? Can you spot the table setting that comes with cakes and plates? Such fairy garden theme seems to create a luscious and super loveable garden for fairies!

Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Coming up next is this tree stump fairy garden. Building this fairy-themed garden allows you not to buy any additional pot for the garden. You don’t even need extra pot if you already have some natural elements in your yard such as this tree stump.

Building this fairy garden enables you to insert some personal touches. You can make a greeting saying like “Fairies Welcome” and also a pom-pom garland. Can you imagine yourself as a fairy living in this garden? Don’t you love it to spend your time here?

Kitchen Herb Fairy Garden

Last but not least, here is kitchen herb fairy garden. With such fairy-themed garden, you can create such a cute fairy garden while at the same time cultivating your favorite herbs for the needs of your kitchen.

Make sure you choose the most used herbs for you to cook and then develop a plan and also a theme to create this fun yet useful garden.

The trend of creating and building fairy-themed garden is really understandable as such garden theme is both decorative and useful. So, out of four fairy garden themes above, which one is your favorite?