Flower Container Gardening Ideas


When it comes to gardening, it is not merely about planting, watering, cutting, pruning, and doing maintenance to the flowers we have. We also have great ideas on choosing the right flower container. If you are running out of what kind of container could be the best choice for your garden, try checking our recommendations below:

Wrought Iron Hanging Planters

To begin with, check the following wrought iron hanging planters below. Purchasing such planters is such a great investment. Such planters are able to hold up your favorite plants for years. For this kind of planters, you could fill it with Creeping Jenny, Sweet Potato vine, and Geraniums.

If you choose such planters, you could place this planter on your get that is fully exposed to the sun. The plants combination can hold up really well for you especially when you live in a humid and hot environment. Interested in trying this planter out?

Wayfair Planter Boxes

Look at the front part of this house! The flower planters there are fully exposed to the sun. If you have similar condition on the front part of your house, you could imitate this container idea. For this planter, you could choose Kimberly ferns that can fully tolerate sun, Creeping Jenny, and also Geraniums. Such combination can grow crazily in such Wayfair planter boxes.

Such planters have a special system of water reserve that is built inside the planter. Using such planter can help you save up some time and effort for the watering and grow the inside plants grow and bloom like crazy.

Bold but Beautiful Pot

Do you like Blue Pansies? Look at the following picture! Aren’t they beautiful? Those flowers could be your favorite pansy’s color. This flower can look best when it is combined with the lime of Creeping Jenny in a pot. Choosing such pot like shown in the picture can give you beautiful and bold container.

This container is really great as it can suit most of zones. In other words, the use of this container is not limited to the kind of zone you are planting your favorite flower.

Terra-Cotta Pots

Are you the fans of terra cotta? Why don’t make the terra cotta as the theme of the flower container for your garden? Look at the following picture! The terra cotta pots are just gorgeous! Such pots can be a perfect place for lime creeping jennies and hearty geraniums.

Using such terra-cotta pots can let you go with any combination of flowers. Therefore, you have more flowers to choose to be planted in the pots.

Cedar Monogram Planter Box

Next up, here we have cedar monogram planter box. This planter box could be a beautiful addition to your porch. It is really an amazing planter idea that can turn your monotonous porch to be more alive. Look at how the planter box decorates the porch in the picture!

That planter box contributes such a very huge impact with those beautiful colors from the flowers inside it.

So, how would you like your flower container be? You’ve got plenty of ideas and now is your time to decide which one works best for your garden or your porch or any place of your house that you want to decorate.