Grow an Organic Berry Garden


Berries and other small fruits in general don’t require much space if it is compared to other full sized fruit plants. If you plan on growing several types of berries in your backyard, you can enjoy different homegrown fruits for the whole season.

When referring to small fruits, it means that the size of the fruit is small, but it is not for the plants. As we all know, the berry plants can grow more than 12 feet height and 6 feet width. If you want to grow berries, you can use the raised beds as it will be much easier to manage them.


You may need to take a look at some berry varieties which can be grown during the winter. Make sure that these varieties are the most common berries to grow in your area. Berry plants need to be certified free from any disease which can make the plants weak and reduce their harvest.

In North America, it is best to grow berry around the early spring. Before buying the varieties, you need to make sure if they are able to produce fruits by themselves or they may require other plants to help them pollinating. Some berries may need to have at least two varieties to obtain a successful pollination.

Soil Condition

The soil condition and also the location for berries patch depend on the berry types that you want to grow. Under normal condition, these berry plants are not fussy and they can grow very well under the well drained yet healthy soil. You may also need to provide lots of sun for them.


Among all berry types, strawberries are the most favorable plants to grow in the garden. They are also considered as the easiest type of berry to grow as well as the most rewarding plants ever. This may happen if you are able to choose the right strawberry variety and also understand how to grow them well.

Among all berries, strawberries are considered to be short living plant. The mother plant of strawberries is usually only in its massive production during the frist two or three years. While the mother grows during the season, it will produce berries crops as well as three or six offshoots or daughter crops.

To keep the productive patch of strawberries, you need to maintain the balance between the mother and daughter plants. If you use the raised beds, make sure that the bed will not be crowded so that they can grow well.