Growing Zucchini at Home – Grows Easily and Quickly


Growing courgettes or zucchini is actually super easy. This plant is even an idea vegetable to encourage your kids to plant in the garden. When you start seeing the fruit of zucchini to set, it means that the time to harvest it is not far. Try to give your young gardeners some thrills! Here are the steps of growing the plant:

Choose the Method You are Using

First, decide how you are going to plant the zucchini. You need to know that there are two methods to propagate zucchini: planting the seeds or buying the small pre-existing plant and then transplanting the plant to the garden. Choose the one that suits you better.

Find the Right Location to Plant It

This plant will easily thrive in a location that is exposed with full sunlight and also lots of rooms to spread out. That’s why; find the right location in your home to plant it, the one that gets a minimum of 6 – 10 hours of sunlight in each day.

Prepare the Soil

Next, prepare the soil some months before starting to grow zucchini. Prepare the soil by first mixing in fertilizer and also gardening mulch. This is to supply that soil with some important nutrients. Besides, make sure that the soil is acidic and is mixed in peat moss.

Plant the Zucchini

Dig a small hole in the soil in the pots for the zucchini plant. If you are planting from the seeds, make sure to stick every seed in less than 0.5 inch under the soil. Place ach seed of zucchini in its own hole then cover those seeds with 0.25 or 0.5 inch of soil to make sure they get enough sunlight and also water.

Maintain the Plants

To maintain the plant, you need to keep your eye on it as they start to grow. This plant is low in maintenance although the plants needs a bit of upkeep so that it can stay in a condition called tip-top producing. Also, pull any weeds out on site and add some liquid growth fertilizer.

Promote the Growth

Make sure the plant is pollinated. If the bees or other kinds of pollinating insects are lacking in your area, you can pollinate zucchini on your own. Pick the male flower and rub its stamen inside the female one.

Harvest the Plant

Finally, harvest the zucchini! Harvest it when it has grown at least four inches in the length to make sure the plant is ready to be harvested. Harvesting it regularly can promote more production of the squash.