How Does Hydroponics Work


If you ever tried to place the plant clipping inside a glass of water and wish that it will grow, you may have tried to practice the basic form of hydroponic gardening. As you may already know, hydroponics doesn’t require soil as the growing media. It uses water as the main medium of growth.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is one agriculture branch which allow plants to grow without the soil medium. The nutrients that can be obtained from soil will be dissolved in the water.

Based on the hydroponic system that you use, the roots of the plants will be suspended in, misted with and flooded with the solution of nutrients so that they can take them to grow.

Since it doesn’t use soil, the plants will be supported by vermiculite, peat moss, clay pellets, rockwool, and also perlite. In general, the main factor for the hydroponic gardening is to allow the plants’ roots to be in contact directly with the nutrient solution without having difficulty on the oxygen access.

These two elements, the nutrients and oxygen, are very essential to the hydroponic gardening.

Types of Hydroponic Systems

There are several types of the hydroponic systems that you can choose. The best systems in the market tend to combine several hydroponic systems into one hybrid system. You can say that hydroponics is unique as it can apply different techniques to let the nutrients being absorbed by the plants.

Wick System

This system is considered to be the easiest and cheapest hydroponic system. The main concept of this wick system is to prepare one material like cotton to be surrounded by several growing medium. One end of the material will be put into the nutrient solution. This solution is then being wicked into the plant’s roots.

You can also simplify the system by removing the wick material and use the different medium as long as it can wick the nutrient solution into the plants’ roots. You can directly suspend the medium bottom into the solution. You can use vermiculite or perlite for the wick medium.

It is better if you use wick method, you avoid using the materials like peat moss, coconut coir and rockwool as they tend to absorb too much nutrient solution and it may suffocate your plants.

If you have other hydroponic system that you think will be suitable for your plants, you may also use that. You can choose the suitable system that fits the condition of your garden and your budget.

Whatever system that you choose, please make sure that your plants roots can get access to the nutrient solution that has been prepared.