How to Add Whimsy to Your Garden


Garden is considered as the most soothing place around the home area. So, gardening is also considered as affirming life and life is always beautiful that can be expressed through the art of gardening. Therefore, gardeners or people who love gardening can always create the whimsical garden by adding whimsy into their garden area and creating the attractive garden view as a plus point to their garden.

Some Great Ideas for Whimsical Garden

Old Bricks DIY

The first great idea for your whimsical garden is by adding the DIY of bricks with book painted concept.

The Materials:

  • Old bricks (Can be any kind of bricks)
  • Paint
  • Broad Paper

How to Prepare:

Step 1. Wash away all the dirt from your bricks, make it softer by brushing it using the broad paper

Step 2. If your bricks are ready, you may start to paint it with your favorite colors. You may paint it all in the same colors, but it is recommended for you to paint it with some choices of bright colors to make it look more stunning. Wait until all the bricks are dry.

Step 3. Paint the titles on the painted bricks by using a tiny brush for painting, using a paint pen will be more preferable since it will be easier to use.

Step 4. Add more paintings such as the book logos at the bottom of your books.

Step 5. Add all the book decoration to your garden and place it in a good spot.

Crystal Watering Can DIY

The second great idea to create a whimsical garden is to create the pouring crystals watering can.

The Materials:

  • The old watering can (more preferably the stainless steel material)
  • The hanging pole made from stainless steel
  • Transparent strings and crystal beads

How to Create:

Step 1. Find the old stainless steel watering can

Step 2. Cut the transparent strings into various long sizes

Step 3. Paste the crystal beads to the transparent strings using transparent strong glue.

Step 4. Attach the transparent strings that already decorated with crystal beads to the pouring water part of the can

Step 5. Hang the watering can to the stainless hanging pole. Now you have improved your whimsical garden with stunning decoration.

Garden Art Ball

The third idea to create the magical whimsical garden is by adding garden art ball that will instantly make your garden look wonderful. Here are some steps to be followed in order to create the garden art ball:

Step 1. Lamp globes (for more expensive choice), or the old bowling balls (for cheaper choice). Sand off the round materials to make sure that it will have a rougher surface to create better adhesion.

Step 2. To add more colors for the balls, you may spray the balls with spraying paints.

Step 3. Do not forget to prepare some kinds of decorative beads materials such as colorful small sized beads, marbles with flat bottoms model, the aquarium gravel or decorative fillers.

Step 4. Paste all the decorative beads materials and cover all the round ball areas using the best outdoor silicone adhesive. You may also use the caulking gun to be more practical. Wait until the entire ball dry.

Step 5. The last one, add the metal stand to put the decorative balls.

Step 6. Put the entire garden art ball by using metal stands around your garden area.