How to Change Hydrangea Colors


Do you know that you can turn the color of your hydrangea? You surely can! You may have seen that hydrangea flowers have changed the colors on their own over the years. Yet, what is changed is actually the soil that causes the color of the flower to change. If you want to shift the color, it means you need to manipulate the soil. Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1: Know which Color of the Flowers Can Be Shifted

First up, you need to know which flowers of hydrangea can be changed. Not all of the colors of the flowers can be shifted. Instead, the color change is only applicable to the blue and pink flowers.

Sometimes, the flowers may take on the pink tinge as its mature and you can do nothing to force that. So, in order to change the color of hydrangea from pink to another color such as blue, you will need to do one thing or two.

Step 2: Test the Soil

To start shifting the color, you need to the soil in which you are planting the hydrangea. Test it using a simple pH kit. The result of the test will show you what you need to do with the soil.

For instance, if the soil is too alkaline, you need to make the soil more acidic then.

To make the soil more acidic, you will need to add some natural organic matter like coffee grounds, pine needles, and citrus peels to the soil.

You can surely use another kind of natural organic matter on this step. For example, you can use Aluminum Sulfate to make the soil’s acidic level higher.

The whole process of this may take the whole growing season. Therefore, you surely need to be extra patient. Generally speaking, the plants need aluminum to shift to blue colors.

Yet, the plants will not be able to take the aluminum up in the soil if the soil is very alkaline. So, you need to really make sure that the soil test is done accurately.

Step 3: Add Lime to the Soil if Needed

On the contrary, if you think you want to shift the blue hydrangea to be pink, you need to occupy lime. Add the lime to the soil instead. This will make the soil more alkaline.

One thing to remember in this point is that shifting the color of blue hydrangeas to be pink is trickier. Why so? It is because the soil is usually high in aluminum. It is very difficult to change the alkaline environment of the soil.

As stated above, the changing of the soil environment and also the color change may take around the whole year.

If after one year you are not successful in changing the blue to pink, you may need to consider growing the plants in a pot. By doing so, you will be more able to control the environment of the soil.

Isn’t that cool to manipulate hydrangea’s colors? Although it is cool, it does require a great deal of your patience. So, make sure you follow the steps above especially when conducting the change from acidic to alkaline.