How to Grow a Cut Flower Garden


It is such a delight to have fresh flowers inside the house, yet it is painful to actually cut several stem from our own cut flower garden. Especially after all of the hard work, many of us want to keep the flowers there. If you like the idea of a cut flower garden as a little escape after being busy at the house, you may want to read this guide.

  1. Decide on Blooms to Grow

There are several flower options for annual flowers, and there are more for perennials. You can actually plant both flowers, but make sure to group them accordingly too. Considering that each group will be harvested in a different time, it is recommended for you to plant the flowers in rows. The secret of a successful layout is researching on each kind of flower need. For example, dahlias will need two to three feet bed while pansies will require eight to ten inches bed.


  1. Scope Out Your Garden

Before planting the flowers, let’s prepare the soil first. It needs to be clean, meaning there isn’t weed in it. Weed affects your flower healthy grow and it often fails them. The soil needs enough organic properties too. Considering the need, it is recommended for you to work on several inches of leaf mold or compost. Many pro gardeners often recommend a balanced dose of organic fertilizer. Pick granular organic fertilizer that works slowly at every start of the season. Combined with fresh compost, it provides the best soil for your flowers.

  1. Planting the Flowers

Now that the soil is ready, start planting your flowers. Considering the maintenance, group your flowers based on its growing requirements, sun, drainage, and water needs. Then, make sure you plant from the short ones first to the tall ones.

  1. Maintain Your Garden

Disease and pests need to be addressed immediately to prevent spreading and dead flowers at the worst. In addition to it, make sure to water the flowers at least once a week, or more often during hot days. To maintain the soil, liquid fertilizer is more than enough, especially during the summer.

  1. Harvest and Replant

Always cut your stems during the coolest time of the day, in the morning. Once you cut the stems, you are ready to work the garden again to grow new flowers. Make sure to repeat the procedure again to prepare your garden.

It is pretty simple to grow a cut flowers garden. It doesn’t take a pro to grow a beautiful one but it takes your attention and careful maintenance. Ready to hit the site? Happy growing!