How to Grow an Entire Sweet Potato Harvest from a Single Sweet Potato


Have you ever tried to grow whole harvests of such sweet potatoes only from planting one sweet potato? I know it may sound unbelievable but it is not impossible to do so. You can start harvesting sweet potatoes this year. What kind of sweet potato that you need? There’s nothing special, you can just buy one sweet potato from the store.


If you think that it will be troublesome to plant the sweet potato, then you have got the wrong idea. The preparation is actually quite simple and easy. The process of planting the sweet potato is just like growing new plants using clipping process. What you need for this project is just the slips of sweet potato and you are ready!

Step 1. Take your sweet potato and then put it inside the glass and fill it with water. Wait until your sweet potato grows slips.

Step 2. What you need to do afterwards is watching the growth of the slips and also the roots. One potato needs to grow at least 20 slips. After all the slips’ lengths are about 3 to 4 inches, cut them off from the potato and put them inside the water. You can use small jars for them or other media which suits for them.

Step 3. After you place all the slips into the jars and fill them with water, the next step is to wait for these slips growing the roots. After all roots grow, you can start planting them. It is better to plant the roots in June or whenever the weather is not cold to plant the roots outside.

Step 4. Please mind the space of each root when planting them. Make sure that the space between the roots is around 3 feet since these roots have the tendency to spread in the ground. Just plant them in a way that you usually do when planting in the garden. Don’t forget to water them regularly.

Step 5. In general, the roots are the vines of the sweet potatoes. Shortly after they are planted, these vines will start producing the flowers. If you plant it in June, then you can expect the flowers to grow in September. These flowers indicate that your sweet potatoes are almost ready to be harvested. Wait until all the flowers turn into yellow.

This may happen around September or October. After all the flowers change into yellow, you can harvest your sweet potatoes. You need to dig the potatoes out in case there is a possible chance of getting frozen due to the weather.

Step 6. After all sweet potatoes are being harvested, place them outside for ten days in the shady location. You can place them in the outdoor garage if you want. Now, you can see that you can get all these sweet potatoes only from one single potato! Isn’t it amazing?

If you are interested in planting and harvesting these sweet potatoes in your garden, you can start planning for it. This gardening is also much cheaper. You just need to buy one sweet potato to grow all of these.