How to Grow an Infinite Amount of Basil Hydroponically


Hydroponic is favored by many gardeners as it gives so many advantages. Not only does it give more results in the harvest time, it also requires less time and money spent during the gardening process. Gardeners then try to grow various kinds of plants hydroponically and one of which is basil. The question is: how to grow an infinite amount of basil hydroponically? Here is the answer:

Step 1

First thing first, prepare all the necessary materials. They are sharper scissors or shallower snips, some music jars whose chlorinated water has been dechlorinated so that the water can promote the green growth.

Step 2

Now, you will start with snipping off the excess basil. When snipping off the basil, make sure you know which part of the plant should be cut. The right place to do the cutting is where you can find some new growth.

Look at the following picture to help you picturize the right location of the cutting. In the picture you can see that there are two new shoots. If you cut the plant basically just a quarter of an inch and at diagonal line, what will happen is that you will be able to take all this foliage off.

You can then plant this section and then these two little leaf nodes here will go out and create new branches. To do the cutting, grab your sharp scissors and cut the branch gently at 45 degree angle.

Step 3

Now that you already cut the branch off, you now take those cuts and take the larger leaves on the bottom using your fingers. Then, continue taking off the leaves on the top until what is left is just two leaves at the top and you can see the sort of new growth coming.

Step 4

Pop the leaves in the water inside the jar and balance it down there. Make sure that the branch is just half inch under the water. After that, put the jar in your windowsill. Wait until about two weeks to see some roots growth. As you still have other jars, you just need to repeat the process with the other leaves. Every jar will give you a new basil plant.

So, that is all what you need to do in growing an infinite amount of basil hydroponically. Aren’t the steps simple? Just make sure you understand where to cut the branch and treat the branch in the jar.