How to Grow and Harvest Tomatillos


Tomatillos are the plants from Mexico. They are frequently used by home cooks and chefs in the United States and from the whole world to make chutneys and sauces. The fruits are similar to green tomatoes. However, the taste is completely different from tomatoes.

Choose the Planting Location

If you want to plant tomatillos in your garden, you need to find the perfect location for them. You need to choose the soil that is well drained and rich as well as being exposed to the sunlight. Tomatillo is much light feeder compared to the tomato. You need to add some compost to the soil before planting. You can also prepare the raised beds for better result.

Plant the Tomatillo

You can start planting the seeds of tomatillo indoors for about six or eight weeks prior to the last frost season. You need to prepare the plants indoor before planting them outdoor. You can set the planting schedule. Make sure that all the dangers caused by the frost have completely disappeared before you do so. Check that the outdoor soil condition is warm completely.

The plants can grow up to four feet tall and therefore you need to space each seed into 3 feet away from each other. You can add some supports for the plants to climb up. If you want to harvest the fruits on the ground, you don’t need to prepare the supports.

Grow the Plants

You can add the mulch like clippings so that you can press the weed growth and also to keep the soil moist all the time. You need to water the plants regularly for once a week. You can manage the plant spreading if you have limited growing space. There is no fertilizer needed when they grow.

Harvest the Fruits

You can harvest the fruits of tomatillo after 75 days up to 100 days of the seedling transplanting. You can harvest the tomatillos once they have filled out their husks and you realize that the husks are about to split.

If you find that the fruits are still small like mini marbles, you need to wait for awhile. However, you need to harvest them before they turn into pale yellow. Once they turn into pale yellow, their taste will be less tanginess and also seedier.

You can store the tomatillos inside their husks at the room temperature for about one week. If you put them inside the fridge, they can last for three weeks.