How to Grow Awesome Onions


Onion is one of the most favorite vegetables to grow in garden. They don’t need much room so you can plant on a small bed for more than enough amount. You can use the bed to grow other plants later as it is a short season plant. Growing onions isn’t that difficult, but knowing several major keys will ensure awesome harvest. Follow the guide below here for best result.

  • Plant The Onion Early

This plant is particularly sensitive to the amount of light it gets. The case is you need the plant to be big when it starts to bulb. Bigger plants will produce bigger onion bulbs. In order to be big, it takes more sun light. In the North, the bulbing starts in 14 hours long days. It means you need to start early so it gets enough light. By summer, you will harvest big bulbs.

  • Don’t Start with Seeds

If you start with seeds, it doesn’t have enough time to produce bulbs. It is recommended to start with transplant instead. It grows faster and you can maximize in improving it. In alternative, sets are great too.

  • Select the Right Variety to Grow

Sweet onions can be stored for too long. It is better for fresh dish. Meanwhile, several storage varieties are great for winter supply. The option includes Ruby Ring, Redwing, Pontiac, and Alisa Craig. Don’t forget to select the color, yellow, white, and red.

  • Prep Your Bed First

It doesn’t take a lot of things like in other plants. Just make sure a few inches top soil is loosen a little bit. It is also helpful to prepare the holes so you can bury the transplants right away.

  • Give Tight Spacing

The gap between each plant needs to be right so it has enough rooms to grow bulbs while it isn’t being too far as well. Six inch gap between each plant should be enough for growing room.

  • Water and Weed

Weed will over compete your onions. It is best for you to mulch the onions as soon as possible after planting. Wait several weeks to mulch them using hay. Your onions love water and it needs at least an inch of water once every week. Watch the rain and water deeply when you need to.

Now, you know all the things you need to know about growing awesome onions. It’s simple but it involves several details. Apply them and see what you harvest later.