How to Grow Beans in Pots


It is true that green beans can be very beautiful plants for your pots. You can grow green beans on the courtyard, balcony, or even the sheltered patio as they have such amazing flowers as well as interesting foliage as their main assets to create unique setting.


There are two forms of green beans that you can choose, that is, bush and climbing forms. Both forms include French beans, haricot beans, or scarlet runners beans. These varieties are very suitable to grow in pots or containers.

Beans require warm temperature so that they can germinate and also grow well. Thus, you can sow these plants much later than any other vegetables. You can start sowing the plants prior to the late spring if you want to do it outdoors. If you live in much colder environment, you can start sowing the plants indoors and plant them later on after the frost has been eliminated completely.


For the variety of the climbing beans, like the scarlet runners, you need to prepare the location which is covered from the wind. If the climbing beans have sheltered the canes or any supports, their foliage still requires the protection from the wind. You have to be aware that even such large pots or containers can be blown off by the wind.

The runner beans forms need to be exposed to the direct sun every day. However, they are also able to be tolerant to any shade.

Sow the Seeds

Beans really hate the cold weather. They can easily die due to the frost. If you want to plant the seeds in the pots or containers, you need to do it indoors and then you need to plant the crops outdoors when the frost has gone completely. You can use the pots with the size 9 cm for the single seed of scarlet runner beans.

If you want to sow the haricot beans, you can place two or three seeds inside the same pot. It is better to sow the seeds three weeks prior the outdoor planting. This three week period will be able to produce well rooted yet substantial plants to grow outdoors.

Water the Plants

You need to water the plants regularly during the flowering period. If the plants don’t get sufficient amount of water, their buds will drop. During the warm weather, you can give the water every morning or every evening. It may also help with the pollination process.