How to Grow Broccoli


If you want to grow broccoli in your garden, you need to understand how to do it. Broccoli may grow best when you harvest them in fall. If you harvest broccoli in cold spring, you may have smaller broccoli heads. If you harvest during the hot spring, your broccoli may taste bitter.

Perfect Time to Plant

You can start planting broccoli seeds during this fall. You can start sowing broccoli seeds in your garden directly for about 100 days prior to the first frost. If you want to plant broccoli from transplants, you need to add 10 days before planting them in the ground based on their mature days.

Location to Plant

You need to choose the right location to plant your broccoli crops. The best location is a spot with full access to the sunlight. The soil also needs to be in the pH around 6.0 to 6.8, well drained and also fertile. It also has to be moist consistently and also rich in nutrients. You have to make sure that the soil consists of sufficient nutrients like boron to grow healthy.

If your plants suffer from boron deficiency, they may grow hollow steams. In contrary, if you have too much boron, it may become toxic to your plants. Thus, you need to do the soil test prior the planting. Broccoli crops require particular spacing. If you use the raised beds, you need to space each crop for about 15 inches from each other.

Keep the Plants Nourished

You may need to provide 2 to 4 inches of manure or compost before you plant your crops. It is because broccoli tends to be moderate feeder. Their most favorite manure is rabbit manure. After you plant the crops, you can add the fish meal or even some aged manure to make them nourished.

Provide Shelters for Cold Weather

Frost is the great enemy for broccoli. It may cause the buds turning purple and the plants can sometimes have soft heads. To prevent the plants from cold weather, you can add the floating covers to keep them warm. You can also give shelters like tunnels or frames to boost the temperature for about 30 degrees.

Harvest Time

You can start harvesting your broccoli if their buds have swelled but make sure to do it before the yellow flowers appear. You need to watch the broccoli heads when they start to open up since the flowers may appear anytime. You can harvest the heads by cutting their stalks for about 8 inches from the heads. This is to ensure the continuous harvesting.