How to Grow Cherry Trees from Pits


Do you love cherries? Cherries are one of the most delicious fruits that anybody loves. With its sweet taste and small size, you can eat the cherries as your healthy snacks. Have you ever wondered to grow your own cherry trees? Can you grow the cherry trees from pits? Yes, you can.

Not only will you get delicious cherry, but you will also have a chance to enjoy cherry blossom at the springtime. Although you can do it easily, you need to be very careful not to damage the pits. Then, growing the cherry trees from pits require a lot of patience and great care.

Step 1. Preparing the Seeds

To get the best seeds, you need to choose from the cherries that grow in your area. It is because the cherries will be able to adapt to the climate well and you can grow it easily. You can collect the seeds directly from the cherries or you can buy the seeds from the gardening shop.

If you choose the seeds from the fruit, you need to clean the pits using a paper towel and store the pits before you collect the seeds. Store them on the cold place in your kitchen for around 4 days to make them dry and stiff.

Then, you need to open the shell to collect the seeds. Make sure you do it carefully so that you don’t damage the seeds. After you get the seeds, soak it overnight before you transfer it into the soil.

Step 2. Choosing the Best Site

You can plant the seeds in the pot or straight to your garden. If you choose to plant them in the pot before you transfer it to your garden, you need to make sure that the soil is moist enough by mixing the soil with compost.

You can place 2 to 3 seeds in one pot. Water it regularly to prevent the soil to get dry. Store the pot in the sunny area and after the seeds have grown, you can transfer it to your garden by planting it in at least 20 feet apart.

If you want to directly plant them in your garden, you can skip storing the seeds in your kitchen since the seeds will undergo the natural process outdoor. Make sure you choose higher ground to prevent the soil to get frost and also make sure that the soil has good drains.

Step 3. Taking Care of the Cherry Trees

When the cherries have grown, you need to do a regular pruning to make you harvest the fruit faster. The pruning should be done in late winter, not in the fall.

By doing so, you will also get more and better fruit. If you plant the cherry trees in the dry area, make sure you water it regularly and fertilize it in each spring. You also need to keep the birds from the cherry trees by adding drape netting around the trees.

Pay attention to any sign of pests or disease and you need to cut the branch directly when you spot the disease.